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Designed in collaboration with touring musicians, the M6 PRO is an all-in-one in-ear earphone for stage, gym, and street. The in-ear design of the M6 PRO blocks external noise and enables lower-volume listening, protecting your hearing and improving sound quality.
Engineered for real-world durability, the M6 PRO is sweat-resistant and includes two detachable, replaceable cables a headset cable and a high-grade stereo cable with internal braiding for strength and tangle-resistance.

The included headset cable features a built-in universal volume control, microphone, and remote, letting you seamlessly take calls and control media playback with compatible phones and tablets. Comply T-Series memory foam eartips deliver maximum comfort and further increase noise isolation for a superior audio experience. The premium carrying case has room for the spare cable, eartips, and all other accessories, letting the M6 PRO join you on the road.

If your headphones get crushed, shredded, fried, or simply left behind at a venue weve got you covered.

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