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The roar of traffic, the scream of jet engines and loud music at the shopping centre are just a few of the loud noises that we might be surrounded by every day. We all live in the same world so we need to remember that some people don't like loud noise while others seem to love it and there are times when everyone wants to have some peace and quiet.
Some families are very noisy when they talk to each other or there may be a lot of shouting or yelling going on in the home. Your home may be near a factory, quarry, a main road or freeway, or under the flight path for aeroplanes near an airport.
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) monitors industrial noise so that it doesn't get too much for people living nearby.
If you and your family are suffering from loud environmental noise then you can make a complaint to your local EPA, your local Council or, if you have noisy neighbours, the Police. If there is a lot of environmental noise nearby maybe your house could have double glazed windows to keep out the noise. Maybe you have agreed standards for noise levels for different activities in different areas of the school, eg. It's fun to be noisy at times but we need to respect the rights of others to a safe and quiet environment in school where people are doing so many different things during the day.

If your class is too noisy, that could affect other classes and make it hard for them to concentrate. Out in the playground or on the sports fields we have the opportunity to be noisy because there is lots of space and people can always move away.But when we are out in the wider world we need to remember the comfort of others.
Have you been to a rock concert or a disco where the amplifiers were really belting it out and you could feel the beat in your body? Some people who have worked in noisy places or were exposed to very loud noise like explosions or gun fire suffer loss of hearing. Stay alert when you are listening to loud music through earpieces while you are walking along.
Constant noise can lead to other health issues too like stress, tiredness and mental health problems.
Some of the kids from Black Forest Primary school made comments and wrote some great poems about noise. We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. Some may be watching TV, others listening to loud music or playing computer games in their own rooms.

It is especially important to be quiet at the start of races such as swimming or athletics. There are too many to show you all of them here but here are some of the great ideas they had.
This means that a small increase on the scale means a big increase in the loudness of the noise and its effect on your ears. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.
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If all the doors are open it can get pretty noisy at times and could even be annoying your neighbours.

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