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Ergonomic in-ear piece provides long-wearing comfort without aggravating sensitive parts of inner ear. Warranty claims which do not fulfil the steps above will not be processed due to missing information. Groupon is an easy way to get huge discounts while discovering fun activities in your city. ReviewsThere are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?Disclaimer: These are user reviews.
RBH Sound began as a maker of speakers for other companies and has since become a respected name in their own right. Vouchers in our daily deals consist of shopping, beauty, services, restaurants, leisure offers, travel, wellness, tickets, healthcare and a whole lot more across Singapore. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. They jumped into the personal audio arena with the EP1 earphone and now offer the EP2 Noise Isolating Earphone. It's been awhile since I've reviewed a phone from HTC, so I was excited to see what their latest flagship device offered.
Take some moments to browse this pair of OV-650 In-ear Style Deek Bass Noise Isolating Earphones.

You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. The EP2 is identical to the EP1 except that it includes a microphone module for phone calls and music playback control.
This is a welcome addition for busy commuters and people who need to be constantly connected.
However, the main reason for buying earphones is audio — or more specifically — audio quality.
The specs for sensitivity don’t appear that great on paper, but then humans can’t really hear most frequency extremes that headphones makers brag about, anyway.
Each housing is designed so that the round dynamic speaker rests just outside the ear while the tip sits inside the ear canal.
This setup is comfortable, but the earphone can only be pushed into the ear so far before it bumps into you, and that can be an issue for some people. Inserting and removing however, is quick and easy ,as each earpiece has a knob-looking grooved part that’s easy to grasp. The sound of dynamic speakers (usually) leans toward bass, while armatures are (again, usually) more accurate with less bass.
How well they sound is almost completely determined by what type of music that’s played.

Since the mids are where most of the vocal range is, the EP2 is better suited for more modern mixes with their emphasis on bass.
And songs that are brighter sounding sometimes border on harsh when heard at higher volumes. The lead off track, “Out On the Weekend”, has a wonderful mix of solid drumming pushed a bit forward, while Young’s plaintive singing and harmonica playing have been relegated to a supporting role. It’s a fancy word which describes how the music sounds in relation to the space around you. Does the song sound like it’s all around you or does it sound compressed into your head?
However, keep in mind that the EP2 can’t compete with open-backed headphones regarding soundstage.

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