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So you just pierced a new hole in your ear, but you’re not sure what size jewelry you should be looking for. If your piercing was done with a needle in a piercing shop, they may have informed you of the size right there, but maybe you just forgot what your piercer told you. For tragus, anti-tragus, helix, rook, conch and most cartilage piercings (any part of the ear other than your lobe) a piercer will use an 18 gauge (as seen above) or 16 gauge needle.
A lot of us with nose piercings will jump around a bit, try a few different styles, and ultimately pick one or two go-to nose rings that fit well without very much difficulty.  But what happens when you find a bunch of nose rings you like, and most of them just plain don’t fit? Q: I want to wear a nose hoop but my piercing is a little higher on my nostril.  How can I get a hoop that will fit without looking oversized? So now that we’ve demystified the enigmatic ladies intimate piercing, buying naughty holiday gifts has taken on a whole new appeal, right?

Now all you need to do is choose the style of hoop you like best, and you’re all set. Diameter applies primarily to shields and circular barbells, like BCRs, segment rings, or horseshoe barbells.  The diameter of these items will always be measured from inside edge to inside edge at the widest part of the circle. For persons who have sensitive skin or allergies, buying new pieces can sometimes be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to.
For more about jewelry and sizing, check out our Jewelry Sizing Category, and always buy smart.
For more about jewelry and sizing, check out our Jewelry Sizing Category, and as always, buy smart. You will want to look at standard size earring studs (like those shown above) rather than ones made specifically for cartilage piercings.

Whatever the reason, if you’re curious as to what size a particular hole in your ear is, let me break it down a little simpler for ya. Industrial piercings are typically pierced at 14 gauge. Most of the cartilage and BCR (captive ring) styles we carry come in both 18 and 16 gauge sizes.
The smaller the gauge the bigger the hole, so any standard size earring can be worn in addition to 20 or 18 gauge captive rings, cartilage studs, etc.

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