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A very recent development is the capability to do screening audiometry on one's own cellphone. The core method of pure tone audiometry is to present a series of tones in one ear, close to threshold (the loudness that the person can just barely detect), and keep dropping the intensity in 10 db steps until the person stops responding - -raising their hand or pushing a button. There are a few places where human input is needed because there are sometimes few decisions to make during hearing testing. Of course, there are many far more complex decisions and thought processes that can potentially present in persons with hearing disorders. For the most part, there is rarely a reason to do bone conduction if the air conduction audiogram is normal. Bone conduction testing in persons with hearing loss should be done with masking (see below) to prevent sound from the stimulated side from going over to the good side. Practically, electrical devices (such as digital audiometers or CD players) will never drift in frequency or volume. On the other hand, mechanical devices (such as headphones, and insert headphones in particular) nearly always break down over time. At this week’s EUHA Congress held in Hannover, Germany, Siemens Hearing Instruments introduced its new binax hearing aid platform that reportedly provides hearing aid wearers with better speech recognition in cocktail-party situations than people with normal hearing.
Two independent studies, the results of which are summarized in the October edition of The Hearing Review by Kamkar-Parsi et al, show that Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) improved up to 2.9 dB (a 25% advantage in speech understanding) for binax wearers compared to people with normal hearing. The binax platform builds on the e2e wireless™ technology that Siemens introduced a decade ago (see the February 2014 article “A History of e2e Wireless Technology” by Rebecca Herbig et al).
HDSR is said to provide unprecedented localization and directionality, emulating the benefits of natural binaural hearing: better clarity, richer sound, and exceptional speech recognition.
Narrow Directionality: Focuses more precisely on the speech source at the front of the wearer by automatically narrowing the beam of the directional microphones.
Spatial Speech Focus: Highlights dominant speech from any direction, while suppressing background noise. Pure, Carat, and Ace™ RICs will be the first hearing aids introduced on the binax platform. An audiogram is a graph that shows the softest sounds a person can hear at different pitches or frequencies. The pitches shown on the audiogram are those most important for hearing and understanding conversation.
If air conduction testing shows a hearing loss, another device called a bone vibrator is placed behind the ear to send sounds directly to the inner ear.

When something stops sounds from moving through the eardrum and middle ear, bone conduction hearing levels will be better than air conduction levels. Hopefully, in the next 10 years or so, most of the testing may be done by the public as software is becoming available to test hearing on smartphones and similar devices. This is just a part of the entire human auditory range, which extends between 20 and 20,000 hz. Then the person testing the hearing goes back up in 5 db steps until the person starts responding again. The insert earphones have the advantage that they block out environmental noise, and they also have less of a tendency to be heard by the other ear. The reason to do this is to prevent sound from the side being tested from going over to the good side.
WRS has some limitations - - most of us don't communicate with monosyllabic speech, so a good score on the WRS may not necessarily correlated with good functional performance. Every single part of the system that you use should be calibrated - -the electrical device that produces the sound, and the headphones or speakers that deliver the sound. Once their intensity is checked, formal electrical calibrations are more likely to cause trouble (i.e. This is not a severe hearing loss and ordinarily very little benefit would be obtained from a hearing aid. We think the most promising avenue is exploring more home testing -- we think smartphones with appropriate software, could hugely improve accessibility of hearing testing.
Now in its third generation, e2e wireless 3.0 enables real-time exchange of audio signals among four microphones (two on each hearing aid in a bilateral fitting).
This helps wearers better recognize speech in demanding listening situations while maintaining spatial awareness. It’s automatically activated when the wearer is in a car and does not affect spatial perception. The touchControl App is designed to turn virtually any Android or Apple smartphone into a hearing aid remote control. The new easyTek is the successor to Siemens’ award-winning miniTek, and is available for Pure® and Carat™ binax hearing aids. A child with this hearing loss may only hear very loud speech or loud environmental sounds, such as a fire truck siren or a door slamming. A child with this hearing loss will have difficulty hearing regular speech, even at close distances.

A child with this hearing loss will have trouble hearing and understanding soft speech, speech from a distance or speech in a background of noise. This will free up the audiologists to handle the difficult cases and give them more time to help people select hearing aids. This will probably drastically change how hearing testing is done as one can now test hearing right away.
Neverthless, most audiometers are designed so that they cannot go as low or high as most good stero systems. There are special symbols for the conditions underwhich the hearing test is done (see below).
Their main disadvantage is that they are a little trickier to use (one has to insert them properly), and also that they give wrong readings in persons who have perforations of their ear drums. Each hearing aid processes this audio input, creating a virtual 8-microphone network designed to deliver a heightened sensitivity of acoustic environment, or High Definition Sound Resolution (HDSR).
When an otologist and audiologist or technicianwork together as a team, the otologist should tell the audiologist or technician whether or not bone is needed even if hearing is normal. Of course your CD player's volume should be calibrated so that the volume of words presented is identical to the volume from your audiometer. Poor performance overestimates everyday communication impairment for patients with high frequency hearing loss. So there is a conflict between the financial needs of one's hearing equipment vendor and patient care. A single button controls streaming, answers phone calls, and connects to virtually any external audio source.
Using the SC, wearers can visually extend easyTek’s functionally by manually adjusting the direction and span of the hearing aids’ microphones via their smartphone. This gives them instant control over both where and who to listen, regardless of whether the sound source is coming from the left, right, in front, or behind. This allows a wearer, for example, to focus on the conversation of the person next to him at dinner, even if distracting, more dominant speech is coming from another direction.

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