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Earlier, Kalirey are worn essentially by North Indian brides, but these days, they have become extremely popular with brides across India wearing them. So, add these jewellery pieces to your shopping list, and get ready to flaunt those beautifully embellished hands. The reason why jewelries are given extreme importance in all Indian wedding is because weddings are considered to be sacred and hence great importance is given to the jewelry worn by the bride. The bride and groom are the most sought after individuals, and hence, they should stand out from the rest of the crowd. All the popular gold shops in India have a separate exclusive section dedicated to Bridal Jewellery where jewelleries are available in different price range, designs and demands. The bridal set worn on the wedding day consists of a necklace, maang tikka, bangles, earrings, nose pins, hair accessories, anklets and much more. Also known as “payal”, are thick chains constituting of tiny bells and trinkets worn around the ankle.
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It comes in various designs, and can range from being a simple chain-like piece, to an elaborate piece with an ornate pendant.

For a more royal-look brides can go for an arsi, which is a large flat ring with a piece of glass in the center. More than studs, dangling pieces of neatly engraved gold with precious and semi-precious stones are worn.
A bride is supposed to have a hand full of red or green colored with gold or any other metals, depending on the custom and religion.
Although it is a modern aspect and recently introduced, a bracelet can still look traditional. A bride symbolizes happiness and her step into the new house with her husband is considered to bring prosperity into the house. The waist-belts are an absolute necessity at the South Indian, Maharashtrian as well as Rajasthani and Gujarati weddings.
To see this Indian Weddings Choker Necklace Jewellery Collection Pics in High Resolutions, right click on the image and choose "Save Image As" and then you will get this image about Indian Weddings Choker Necklace Jewellery Collection Pics. In North India, brides wear red and white, ivory bangles, and they continue to wear them for months after their wedding as a sign of a newlywed woman. It is a hand piece consisting of a central focal usually in the shape of a flower, which is connected from one end to a bracelet, and the other ends join up with rings in all the five fingers. Traditionally, the reason why brides were gifted heavy jewelries on their weddings, was because, they left their own house and family and go to a new family and start a new life, all alone. A lot of credit is given to the bridal set as it adds to the beauty, charm and elegance of the bride.
A collection of these rakhoodi’s is called “billais” and these are used to adorn the braided plait.

Bangles are also one of the important components of the ‘solah sringar’ (16 adornments for a Hindu Bride). The idea behind a payal is that, when the bells on the anklets tinkle making beautiful music while the bride walks, it adds to the atmosphere of happiness! The henna clad hands are made to look super gorgeous with intricate and fashionable jewellery. Kangans are broad and intricately carved bangles made of Gold, or in some cases, other precious metals. The jewellery is said to be something that is absolutely hers, ‘stri dhan’ (wealth of women) which can be used during her difficult times. Bangles are considered to be really sacred and many Bollywood actresses have highlighted their importance in their songs and movies.
Waist-belts, also called ”kamarbands”in North India and “vadannam”in the South, are available in a variety of designs made of gold and other precious gemstones. The piece if jewellery not only enhances the waist, but also keeps the Bridal saree in place.

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