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Vlad Kirbyatev is the founder of the eco-settlement of Grishino, and has already been living in the settlement for 10 years. ANNOUNCER: And how did you and your wife succeed in getting over being accustomed to city life? ANNOUNCER: The eco-settlement of Grishino, whose features are so enthusiastically depicted by Marina, is being created on the basis of an already existing village.
The reason for this lies in the fact that modern people have managed to accustom themselves to the city to such an extent that those who have made the decision to stay the winter in a deserted village are pioneers and trailblazers in this new life, beyond which, in their conviction, is the future.
VLAD'S NEIGHBOUR 1: Here, in step with nature, everything is somehow perceived more profoundly, and one has the time to really look deep into oneself. ANNOUNCER: For some people, Grishino is associated with the search for an alternative to the modern, industrialized way of life, while for others, it is associated with folk traditions.
This was a round fortified settlement with a diameter of approximately 150 metres, which included dozens of semi-dug-out dwellings with hearths, cellars, wells, and metallurgical forges. It is remarkable that Arkaim, a fortified settlement of the Bronze Age, was constructed with four entrances to the city that were strictly aligned with the corners of the world according to a previously drawn plan, moreover with high accuracy. According to the research of the well-known Russian archeologist Konstantin Bystrushkin, Arkaim makes it possible to follow 18 astronomical events: the risings and settings of the sun on the days of the equinoxes and solstices, as well as the risings and settings of the high and low moon.
The appearance of the inhabitants of Arkaim has been reconstructed from skulls found in the burial grounds, and they have turned out to be Europid. At the top of Pokayanie [Repentance] Mountain, people ask forgiveness from those they have wrongeda€”and all sins are thereby allegedly absolved. The grove at the foot of Grachinaya Mountain (also called Blagodatnaya [Blessed] Mountain) has an infamous reputation. According to legend, once during the excavations a student archeologist heard a voicea€”someone was calling her to the very centre of the grove. Further development: construction of an arts centre, children's playgrounds, first-aid station, a summer stage, etc. Kin-Space has a potential of becoming a huge resource and is already able to offer its users an opportunity to find a soul mate, have a personal page, form clubs, connect with friends, communicate through the forum and messaging, create events, find eco-villages, educate yourself on various topics with the use of Kin-Space Resource Library, and much more. Some other things you would probably want to know about Kin-Space: it is free of charge, it is well organized and secure, and it enables the information flow, including video and music. Ringing Cedars of Russia has created Official Facebook community, which allows Ringing Cedars' friends to share knowledge and ideas, instantly interact with other members, and receive occasional news and updates. For those who have already joined, we appreciate your show of support and interest in our work.
Please visit the forum at Source of Life Association and share your opinions on the books of Vladimir Megre.
Let's get to know each other - A section in which you can create your personal profile for people to see as well as your personal page if you have something to share.

I have been wondering about this topic for 2 years now, and after re-reading A Course in Miracles, and The Disappearance of the Universe & Your Immortal Reality by Gary Renard, I have also come to the conclusion, as others have hinted at herein, that "purity of thought" really is Truth. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this forum are personal opinions of individuals creating the posts.
This section is devoted to the information that will be useful in the creation of a Kin's Domains. US fertility researchers from the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of Saint Barnabas in New Jersey have created 30 healthy babies who have been genetically altered.
The babies were created when women were treated for infertility by Professor Jacques Cohen and his team.
Professor Cohen is regarded as a controversial but brilliant pioneer in the world of reproductive medicine.
Lord Winston, of the Hammersmith Hospital in West London, told the BBC yesterday: "Regarding the treatment of the infertile, there is no evidence that this technique is worth doing .
A spokesman for the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) agreed that due to the possibility of altering the human germ line, it would not license the technique in Britain. The technique used could allow the parents of a child to choose a third parent with traits they wish their children to have, such as being taller, and would open up the whole debate about the ethics of designer babies. According to the results of International Cedar Nut Processors Association the company Ringing Cedars of Russia is Number One for producing the Best Quality Products! Gelendzhik, one of the most popular Black Sea resorts in Russia, lies on the shore of Gelendzhik Bay, rare in its beauty and bordered by the picturesque Caucasus Mountains.
Dolmens may be found at several spots in Russia, but their greatest concentration is located precisely in the vicinity of Gelendzhik, which makes visiting them very convenient.
Since many people are considering a trip to the Dolmens this summer, we shall tell you a little bit about Gelendzhik. Gelendzhik translated from Turki [not Turkish] means "White maiden." From the summit of Markotkhsky Ridge, it is a pleasure to admire this Black Sea resort town, with its blocks of modern sanatoria and beautiful streets lined with Turkish pines. Gelendzhik is located in the central part of the Black Sea coastal area of Krasnodar Krai, at a distance of 1,500 km from Moscow.
The climate is of the Mediterranean type (transitional from temperate to subtropical), with a very warm summer and a mild winter, which makes it possible to vacation here the year round. Vacationing in Gelendzhik gladdens the heart with its variety: for those who want to spend time on the Markotkhsky Ridge, two funicular railways are in operation. Each year in Gelendzhik, the ceremonial opening of the resort season takes place on the first Sunday of June. From Gelendzhik it is possible to get to the closest kin's settlements of Sinegorye, Balabushki, Zdravoe, Skazochny Kray, Oazis, and Uyutnoe na Vodogae.
In summer 2009, Aleksey Zheleznov found a beautiful spot in Nizhnetavdinsky District, having sensed the centre of a future settlement in the village of Malaya Zamorozovka. We are working in order to make our Kin's Settlement one of the brightest sources of the pure light, creative thought, and spiritual rebirth of Russia.

A small river flows through the settlement, springs bubble up, and a mighty cedar forest begins one hundred metres away. The settlement is located far away from any industrial activity, the air itself contains the scents of all conceivable natural aromas, it is full of bactericides and natural aeroions, and has curative properties. This is an excellent place to raise bees, there are many nectar-producing plants and entire fields of only willow herb.
The taste of water purified in some special university facility was compared with the taste of our river water, and it was found that ours was better.
Everyone who comes here to become acquainted with the area of the future settlement and wants to spend the night will be offered, at their disposal, a guest house without any charge and for an unlimited time.
We, the readers of Vladimir Megre's Ringing Cedars of Russia books, have gathered together to turn Anastasia's dream into reality: to transform the planet Earth into a paradise. We grow vegetables for the entire year, and cannot imagine, eating any other vegetables, which are not grown by us, but rather bought somewhere in the store. And furthermore, Arkaim, according to much evidence, is a place that is one of the strongest anomalous areas in Russia. Help us spread the word and expand our community further; by recommending our Facebook page to your family and friends. Support each other with positive thoughts and create a real plan for making our dreams come true. His work on helping infertile couples has resulted in advances in the ability to help infertile men have their own offspring, by inserting genetic material from sperm into egg cells so that donor sperm is not required. However, the less rigid rules on fertilization treatment in other countries mean that this kind of technology could allow modifications to the gene pool worldwide.
As a species, we have to be very careful that our inventions, such as this technique, do not cause damage to the genes of our future descendants.
And by the way, the local villagers also know this and prefer to grow their own vegetables and potatoes.
They had mitochondria from donor eggs inserted into these eggs, as well as DNA from sperm cells.
However, many see that some of his research, and some of his claims, to be a step too far, such as the claim that he could clone children. Whilst these are the first "healthy" babies that have been genetically modified, the long term effects of carrying DNA from three parents is not known.
The babies will now pass on this genetic change to their children down the maternal line when they reproduce.

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