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Sold on the Internet for more than $100 a month, Quietus tablets contain tiny amounts of cinchona bark, sulphate of quinine, salicylic acid and other ingredients. A review by the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database found nothing, either, to show that the product is effective. Quietus comes with a money-back guarantee, but you won’t recoup the shipping and handling cost, and customers have reported problems canceling their orders.

Though no treatment for tinnitus helps everyone, some coping strategies can be useful, including in-ear masking devices and tinnitus retraining therapy. In fact, the placebo effect may play a role in any improvement seen when people with tinnitus take such remedies, especially since the symptoms often wax and wane on their own.

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    1 of the most frequent causes of tinnitus is exposure to excessively loud duration of a hot bath never stand in the.
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    Lack of blood flow (oxygen) to your inner ears.