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On long plane rides there is always going to be that crying baby and unfortunately under Murphy’s Law, it will very likely be crying somewhere in a seat near you. The Panasonic RP-HC55-S Noise-Cancelling Earbud Headphones is an active noise-canceller that fits in the ear.
Panasonic thought of what you would want in an in-ear headphone set when they created their product. Though over the ear headphones can’t be beat for their quality in sound, the Panasonic in-ear technology includes neodymium magnets and a 9mm drive to provide a decent sound quality to enjoy your music. Nothing is more annoying than buying a set of ear-buds that you later find don’t fit in your ear.
The aircraft adaptor is designed for those long rides when you are at the mercy of your neighbors’ sound level.
Overall, most customers were satisfied with the Panasonic RP-HC55-S ear-buds and felt that they lived up to or exceeded their expectations. Some customer reviews noted that the noise-cancelling unit is heavy enough that it sometimes pulls the ear-buds out of your ear. The other complaint with this device was that the AAA battery is constantly running even if you are just using the ear-buds for music and don’t need to run the noise cancelling device.
Brand New HeadphonesAn extensive list of brand new headphones on the market today with varied features, sound output, design changes and many more! Technology is at its best when it appears to work like magic, and that's exactly what noise-cancellation headphones do. At first you might be inclined to think that the headphones' snug ear cups simply block outer sounds. Noise-cancelling headphones employ a technology referred to as active noise control, which essentially erases or destroys unwanted sounds before they can reach your ear. The concept of cancelling noise rather than simply blocking it out goes back to the 1930s, when a U.S.
Over the ensuing decades, Lueg's noise-cancelling techniques were applied here and there in the aviation and military industries. With the advent of affordable microprocessors, noise-cancelling became more feasible in consumer products, and companies like Bose began working on noise-cancelling headsets. The technology has since slowly scaled up to where entry-level headsets are affordable to the consumer masses, though high-quality noise-cancelling headphones are still priced in the hundreds of dollars.
A cutaway view of the electronics inside an earcup of the Bose QC2 noise-cancelling headphones. Whereas traditional headphones typically comprise little more than a pair of small speakers, there is substantially more technology at work inside a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. In order to effectively eliminate incoming ambient noise, the headset has to identify and evaluate sound waves approaching the listener. The fact that higher-frequency noises aren't as easily cancelled might seem like a limitation, but it can be beneficial in some situations. However, the uneasiness subsided once the music, almost completely unpolluted by external sounds, began to flow. I wore them at home while working on a computer, and the sound of my fingers tapping the keyboard vanished. I also had the chance to wear the headphones on a plane during two business trips, and, sure enough, the rumble of the jet engines was completely silenced. There's a lot of science at work behind noise-cancelling headphones, and the result is impressive. And when facing a Saturday afternoon with construction on the road that runs by my apartment, the sound of silence was magical indeed.
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Despite the Raptors being eliminated from the playoffs, the Air Canada Centre was packed with the support of 20,605 fans who showed nothing but love for their team. There are passive or active noise-cancellers; over the ear head-phone sets or in-ear headphones depending on your preference. These in-ear headphones are designed to cut down on 88% of the ambient noise and allow you to relax in your own world of peace, quiet, and music.
Some of the Panasonic RP-HC55-S Noise-Cancelling Earbud Headphones features besides the noise-cancelling aspect are listed below.
With the RP-HC55 you have the option to either listen to your favorite song or drown out the background noise to create your own silence. The RP-HC55 is one of the best smallest designed noise-cancelling ear buds and are designed to fit very nicely in the ear.
The clothing clip is designed to counter-balance some of the weight that automatically comes with the technology of noise-cancellers. This adaptor allows you to travel secure in the knowledge that you can relax in a peace and quiet that your fellow-travelers won’t be able to disturb.
The noise-cancelling was effective in noisy environments, and it was a good quality for a relatively inexpensive price-tag. The placement of the unit is in the middle of the cord ruling out the ability to put it in your pocket, which is a bit of a nuisance. The noise-cancelling aspect is a great concept; and to get peace and quiet on a long ride these ear-buds are definitely a beneficial side-kick. To an extent, you'd be right — much like quality traditional headphones, noise-cancelling models (both headphones and fitted ear buds) tend to have good physical sound barriers that help to block outside noise.

Don a set of noise-cancelling headphones while in flight on an airplane, and the drone of the engine will disappear, replaced first by silence, then by the thumping of your beating heart (heard not through the air, but via conductivity through your body — it becomes that quiet). The technology turned out to be successful in limiting the whine of engines in airplane cockpits and sound vibrations in air ducts. This is done with a microphone, which can be located either inside or outside the ear cups. The collected sound is sent to a circuit board in the headphones that analyzes it and quickly formulates an opposing wave.
The changing flow of incoming sounds is monitored, and the appropriate cancelling waves are generated. Slip on a pair while in a car, plane or boat and the rumble of the engines all but disappears. The most powerful model in Panasonic's line cancels 92 per cent of ambient noise with a frequency of 200 hertz or less.
The sound of a car horn or fire alarm, in many instances, is something a listener would likely prefer to hear rather than have cancelled. I could still hear my family and television in the background, but both were reduced in volume so that I could only hear them in the silence between songs. National Weather Service for the coast of South Carolina, five days before the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Mobile shops are springing up in Canada's oil capital as businesses look for ways to keep their overhead low during the downturn. President Barack Obama's apology-free visit to Hiroshima, Neil Macdonald looks at the admirable ideal but problematic system for policing and prosecuting war crimes. Dienel, who performs as White Hinterland, filed suit against the two performers and their publishing companies, Universal Music and co-writers in federal court in Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday. An active noise canceller is created to block sound waves and also create white noise, whereas passive cancellers just rely on a suction sound-proof fit. Although you may sacrifice a little in sound quality by choosing an in-ear device as opposed to an over the ear set, the in-ear headphones are travel-size for when you are on the go and cut down on lugging around unnecessary bulk. Also, the removable, replaceable ear buds are offered in 3 different sizes to make sure the fit is right for you. With this clip you can attach the 2.5 ft cord to your shirt pocket so the cord won’t be slinging around and pulling at your ears. It is necessary to clip it to your shirt to off-set the weight of the noise-cancelling unit.
But this blockage is passive and has nothing to do with the dynamic eradication of unwanted sound. When the music starts and you close your eyes, you might find that you forget the rest of the world even exists.
Headphones with a microphone located inside the cups generally perform better, because the microphone is able to sense waves that more closely approximate what the listener is hearing. This cancelling sound wave is usually emitted from a secondary driver - that is, a speaker separate from the one used to create the sound to which you are listening - to intercept and cancel out incoming ambient noise. On the home front, they do a good job of reducing the sound of a neighbour's lawnmower or the traffic on busy streets nearby. But the moment I slipped them on, I could tell there was more to these phones than met the eye — or ear, for that matter.
All in all the Panasonic RP-HC55-S is a decent set of ear-buds that is ready to travel wherever you go and delete excess noise from your life.

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