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Nothing beats popping in some earphones and listening to your favorite tracks while you grind away at the less amusing parts of life such as working out or mowing the grass. The JBuds J4m In-Ear Headphones by JLabs boast a rugged aluminum housing with flexible exoskeleton armor throughout, and in-line mic with control buttons for answering calls mid-song, and a kevlar reinforced tangle-free flat cable. For only fifteen bucks, the Panasonic RPTCM125K In-Ear Headphones come equipped with a 9mm speaker driver, a well balanced sound, a built-in single button universal remote and mic, and three pairs of ergonomic fit silicone earbuds. Our favorite in-ear headphones on the list and a steal at only fifteen dollars, Sony’s MDR-EX37B Earphones boast 9mm driver units that surprisingly offer a stronger, fuller sound than the other earphones we tested, along with a satisfyingly deep bass. Long term wearing comfort along with high performance dynamic drivers systems that provide a bass-driven listening experience at up to 110 decibels make the Sennheiser MX 365 In-Ear Headphones perfect for the serious gamer or casual audiophile on a tight budget.
I was a big fan of the inexpensive, yet great sounding, Panasonic RPHJE355R High Fidelity Ergo-Fit Inner Ear Earbuds, but I had one big complaint with them: during physical activity the earbuds would frequently pop out of my ears, or become partially dislodged. On a recent windy ride, the Panasonic earbuds dislodged from both of my ears at the same time, became wrapped up in my rear spokes and were instantly destroyed. My research led me to the MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire, which has good reviews. Six sets of soft Silicon ear inserts are provided, and you’ll find single, double-flange and triple-flange tips in different sizes.
Not a bad little package for under 20 bucks (shown here with my SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip 4 GB MP3 Player). Its not illegal in Nevada but I play my music pretty low so that I can hear a conversation between riders and pretty much everything else going on around me.

Handmade dynamic drivers, machined stainless steel and a premium oxygen free copper cable; The MA750 epitomizes quality and performance. I found myself constantly adjusting the earbuds, pushing them back into my ears and basically fumbling around with them as I rode, mowed the lawn, lifted weights and so on… Pretty annoying, and not a very safe thing to mess with while riding. The manufacturer also has helpful videos online demonstrating how to adjust the over-the-ear memory wire.
The first thing I noticed was much less wind noise, clearly due to the excellent fit I was able to obtain. I did almost five hours of yard work wearing the Sport-Fi M6 earbuds and, once again, they performed flawlessly and required no adjustments.
I was sweating, grunting and moving around as I trained, and pretty much forgot I was even wearing earbuds.
I picked them up (via your link… support JSF!) and had my first session this morning with them in the gym. The dual driver balanced armature design has the range and raw output for any stage condition. I found the pre-installed double-flange tips to provide the most secure and most comfortable fit. As I rode along I pretty much forgot about the earbuds: they were super comfortable and required absolutely no adjustments. I give the MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire an A+, and a well-deserved spot on my Favorite Things page.

I may stretch that a bit occasionally if I’m riding alone and just leave one earbud out. While the memory wire took me a little bit of effort to dial in, you can’t beat these for the price. Sound signature: Precise, balanced and articulate sound reproduction with a great depth of soundstage. I have become so used to reaching up and pressing the old earbuds back into my ears that I caught myself doing it several times on this ride even though it was not necessary.
They are an incredible value for the money, and if you manage to lose or destroy them it’s not going to break the bank. A true dual-driver earphone designed to expand your audio horizons, the UM Pro20 uses separate bass and high frequency balanced armature drivers to enhance your listening experience with incredible detail and dynamics. Handcrafted in Colorado Springs for musicians, the Westone UM Pro20 delivers extraordinary detail and clarity in a compact ergonomic package.

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