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You and your parents can improve your family’s quality of life whilst enjoying fun and benefits.
Stress can pass from person to person, the manager gets upset when sales are poor and shouts at the workers stacking shelves. However, stress can be helpful in keeping you alert – Looking for danger eg when crossing the road, motivating you to study hard for a test or increasing your determination to win at sport.
Long, long ago cavemen experienced stress when sabre-toothed tigers attacked them, – their hearts pounded faster, energy rushed to their muscles and instantly they were ready to fight or run for safety. Out-tension the tension, by tightening your muscles even more, tighten your toes into a ball, tighten your legs, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face, until all your muscles are tight, and then HOLD IT! Relaxation may not solve every problem, but when you are relaxed, you can grasp, understand, retain and recall all the useful information you have learned over the years. It is vital to your good health and well-being to understand stress and develop stress survival skills, – once learned these skills can last a lifetime, helping you control, cope with, avoid and eliminate stress factors in your life.
I found you very easy to talk to and was able to discuss things that had been “eating away at me” for years.
Just For Today… This phrase works quickly and effectively during times of mental stress, worry or anxiety.

As a Qualified and Experienced Hypnotherapist, I help you make sense of the Trauma and deal with Flashbacks during a safe and relaxed state of hypnosis. If you have any additional issues, such as Confidence, Relationship Difficulties or Motivational problems these can also be addressed during therapy. This can lead to a build-up of stress in Doctors, Nurses, Porters, Radiographers, Physiotherapists, Medical Secretaries and support Staff. I can also teach you Complete Mind and Body Therapy, a form of Self Hypnosis which enables you to release any further build up of tension and stress on an ongoing basis. We all know that Students who are stressed, are more likely to produce disappointing exam results. I can facilitate practical workshops teaching relaxation techniques and in a light hypnotic state, take students on a journey of guided imagery where they feel safe, relaxed, peaceful and calm.
Positive suggestions regarding confidence levels, organised study sessions and memory enhancement, can then be offered to their subconscious minds, where they will grow bigger and stronger, like a snowball rolling downhill, gathering momentum to give each individual the advantage of grasping, understanding, retaining and recalling useful information at the appropriate time. Opportunity will be given for Students to discuss their individual requirements for future sessions. Stressful things in modern-day life cause our bodies to react in just the same way, – “Will I get to school on time?” “Will I pass the exam?” You get a big dose of energy rushing to your muscles preparing you to fight or run.

This will help you to think clearly, react decisively, cope and adapt in difficult circumstances, feeling calm, competent, capable and confident with a clear head and a calm mind … Your problems won’t seem so big and they will be easier to deal with. Anyone can suffer from stress – you are not alone in feeling the pressure of our fast-paced society.
All negative emotions can be eliminated allowing you to regain your normal Life and sleep pattern. The good news is that you need not be helpless in combating stress: – I can help you identify stress factors and teach you effective ways of reducing and overcoming the pressures. Because you don’t burn up the extra energy, your body becomes tense, your heart pounds, you worry and fret, feel tired and become sick.
To make the best use of my therapy, it is helpful if you, as a family, practice the stress reduction exercises. The next time you feel up-tight, you’re as mad as a bag of wasps, you can’t sleep and you feel as though you’re going to explode…  Don’t worry, just STOP.

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