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Quilling is a unique paper art where strips of colorful paper are used to create various shapes for embellishing gifts, greeting cards, handbags, photo frames, etc.
The fans of spiral patterns have another reason to get into the quilling business to make stunning gold-toned earrings that you won’t be able to take off. Dress for the Halloween night in style flaunting a pair of creepy witch hat-designed earrings using the paper quilling technique.
A design dating back to the old Indian culture is making ripples in the fashion circuit once again.
The mix of green, yellow, and a bit of red on these quilled earrings are bursting with festive glory.
Bet you will be fascinated by the way a multicolored paper strip is coiled into an attractive ear accessory, adding loads of oomph and style to your ensemble. A few strokes of bright colors are what you need to do to add some luster and uniqueness to your quilled accessories. Keep the neck bare and put on these long earrings to get everyone around smitten by your boho-chic look. Take your creativity to the next level, quilling cups and saucers emulating the Chinese vintage style of craft.
The luscious cluster of grapes looks quirky yet trendy, especially when teamed with a white Tee and a pair of denim.

Start by inserting your strip of paper into your slotted quilling tool and roll it just a bit. When you have rolled so that the folded triangle portion cannot be seen anymore it is time to fold your strip backwards again. Continue folding your paper and rolling, making sure the top flares out while the bottom always stays close to the quilling tool. Click HERE to find where you can purchase paper quilling supplies – many sources listed from around the globe! DIY Wall Decoration Idea : Beautiful and Stunning Wall Decor Using Quilling & Ear Buds! Taking the unique paper rolling technique to another level, here are some cool tutorials providing you the step by step instructions to quill intricate designer earrings. So if you already have some hands-on experience in jewelry designing, try quilling a pair of jhumkas and show them off. Once you get a hang of quilling, many more patterns such as heart, owl, daisy, and snowflake can be worked upon to overload your jewelry box. If they don’t turn out right the first time, keep on trying, it can take some practice!
I could give you some tips if I could see a picture of the rose you have made, feel free to email me a picture at [email protected] Otherwise all I can say is that you do have to make more than a couple roses to get the hang of it, so keep trying!

Almost any paper glue will work just fine, though there are some that have features that make them nicer to use. Then tear of the part that isn't over laped Even More Folding Fold the two corners to the center then fold the top corner down you should now have a triangle.
From flowers to peacocks, you will surely get some heads turned with your quilling collections. The angle of which you fold the paper can make a difference in your design, as well as the placement of the bottom edge of the paper on the tool while you are rolling. If you are making fun little projects like gift tags, you don’t need to worry much about the glue you are using.
If, on the other hand, you are making things to last like nice framed pieces, then you’ll want to choose a high quality glue. DIY Room Decor with Awesome Paper Quilling Art : DIY Crafts for Home Decoration With Quilling.

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