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These hearing aids help mainly those whose lifestyle requires them to be primarily indoors i.e. Type I : Four channel Hearing aids with memory for at least two different listening situations.
Type II : Six or eight channel hearing instruments come with variable compression strategies, multimemory options, directional microphone for better listening in noise, automatic shifting to telephone memory etc. A relatively new technology, extremely well appreciated in very short period of time, because it is small in size (almost invisible) yet powerful with all advanced features.

For people who have severe hearing loss in one ear while other ear either has normal sensitivity or a partial hearing loss. These devices help users of hearing aids to listen better and with great ease in various challenging situations. Mobile hands free for a hearing aid : A small coupling device between a mobile with Bluetooth technology and a hearing instrument.
These instruments have basic strategies of compression, noise reduction & speech enhancement.

They are truly multichannel instruments with highly efficient strategies for noise reduction & speech enhancement.
These instruments work well for those who are moderately social or have less demanding life style.

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