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Free delivery via Global Express by UPS, DHL, EMS or TNT to USA, UK, AU, CA and other countries.
A free appraisal certificate stands so firmly behind each piece of pearl jewelry from Pearl Hours. Thank you very much for arranging the white akoya pearl studs 8mm-8.5mm in pink overtone for me!
Thank you for confirm that the white akoya pearl studs earring 8mm-8.5mm AAA are of white Japanese pearls! I am glad to tell you that we received the pearl studs 1 day earlier than your expected; and Tracy abolutely loves her birthday gift. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
These satiny white Australian South Sea cultured pearl earrings are perfectly round and are set in your choice of 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold or platinum. Showcase a trendy and modern taste by wearing a pair of 18k white or yellow gold hoop earrings. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Necklace: Multiple strands of pearls from 4mm to 14mm are gathered together with a white ribbon. Necklace Description: Multiple strands of pearls from 4mm to 14mm are gathered together with a white ribbon. It certifies that all our pearl products are strictly examined and of 100% authenticity in accordance with the description in the document.
With this number, you have 24-hour access to monitor the progress of your pearls as it is in transit to you.
They are so beautiful looking, and matching with my preordered white pearl necklace on cruise. Yes, we did received the pearls and below are our feedbacks,We ordered the white akoya pearl stud earring 7.5-8mm as part of a set including a 17-inch necklace made of similar akoya pearls.
Unique clip on earrings, always a must pearl diamond (1.20cttw) jewelry item for elegant women.
Many thanks for your patience in answering all my questions and for helping me track the parcel. There are sparkling diamonds(0.30cttw) on the ear ring band, with two large golden pearls sized 11-12mm stretch to along your earlobe.

We will be presenting them at a ceremony next Wednesday in the city of Den Hague in Holland. Necklace looks great with any gown coordinating with white pearls and multiple strands are very HOT for the spring and summer. Looks great with hair worn up or down when you want a little more than just a stud earring, but not a full chandelier. I think the size 8mm-8.5mm is so great, and they look better than common Akoya pearls I have seen before. This piece is unconditionally guaranteed by American Pearl for the authenticity of the gold or platinum, the natural color of the pearl and the workmanship. They are of great quality pearls and accurately reflect the quality (AAA), with great luster, nice surface; furthermore, the color of the pearls perfectly suits her complexion!

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