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I have handmade this pearland Amethyst bracelet from a collection of freshwater pearls and sterling silver set with a semi-precious nugget of Amethyst. In the centre of this pearl bracelet I have set a faceted nugget of deep purple coloured Amethyst.
This semi-precious Amethyst nugget sits in the centre of a pearl bracelet handmade from soft cream coloured freshwater pearls that have been spaced with peacock coloured freshwater pearls.
With this pearl bracelet I have used an extending sterling silver toggle clasp so this pearl bracelet will fit most wrist length. This semi-precious gemstone and pearl bracelet is a unique jewellery design with only one piece being handcrafted of this design so the pearl handmade bracelet that you see is the one that you will receive. Like all the pieces of handmade jewellery that are available from Making A Statement Jewellery UK this pearl bracelet will come presented to you in a gift box.
Each of these handcrafted jewellery designs are unique, only one piece has been made of these unusual and unique jewellery designs.
Unique long necklace, semi-precious jewellery with pearls Unique handmade jewellery, semi-precious long necklace handmade from freshwater pearls set with semi-precious Coral, Agate and Sterling Silver. Pearl handmade necklace, unique jewellery Pearl unique necklace design, handmade jewellery created from freshwater pearls and Sterling Silver. Pearl Rose Quartz necklace, unusual handcrafted Rose Quartz jewellery Rose Quartz jewellery. Freshwater Pearl Necklace, unique design   This freshwater pearl necklace handmade from freshwater pearls and sterling silver.
This pearl bracelet design has been handmade from alternating peacock blue coloured freshwater pearls and smaller soft white coloured pearls.
Each of the pearls have been spaced with sterling silver beads and with this unique piece of handmade jewellery I have used an extending sterling silver toggle clasp so that this bracelet is going to fit most wrist lengths. This pearl bracelet is a unique piece of handmade jewellery so the bracelet that you see is the one that you will receive. Like all the pieces of handcrafted jewellery that are available for you to purchase from Making A Statement Jewellery UK this pearl bracelet will come to you beautifully presented in a gift box. If you have any questions regarding this pearl bracelet or any of my other handmade semi-precious jewellery designs just contact me and I will do my best to help you. Rose Quartz semi-precious stone Jewellery, I have handmade this pearl and Rose Quartz unique handmade necklace from a Rose Quartz semi-precious flower shaped Rose Quartz pendant, freshwater pearls and Sterling Silver.
At the base of this Rose Quartz and freshwater pearl necklace sits a 35mm Rose Quartz pendant and this is in the shape of a flower. The Rose Quartz pendant sits on a necklace handmade from a lovely soft blush colored freshwater pearls and this fastens with a Sterling Silver hook and eye clasp.

This Rose Quartz and pearl pendant necklace is a limited edition handmade jewellery design so the unusual jewellery necklace that you see may not be the one that you receive. Like all other pieces of handcrafted jewellery that are available for you to purchase from Making A Statement jewellery UK this Rose Quartz and pearl pendant necklace will come to you beautifully gift wrapped. Hello Friends, Am very happy to take part in this interesting blog hop " GETTING TO KNOW ME".
After I started to blog and participating in different challenges I have learnt many things right from new techniques, new materials that can be used, different varieties of crafts, photography tips , blogging tips etc.
For jewelry making, I take inspiration from the different designs displayed in fancy stores, or the jewelry worn by somebody or sometimes google images. 4)WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CRAFT GENRE?    "I like earring making and I  love to wear my handmade earrings . 5)WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED?    "The passion in crafting makes me to look everything through creative eyes. When I craft, the enjoyment I get in the creative process cannot be equated to anything else. 6)WHAT NEXT?   "I wanted to improve my skills in jewelry making and be able to make all kinds of jewelry. I would like to tag one of my fellow bloggers who is new to this blogging field but creates amazing projects. I have used black cardstock for the base and recollections pattern papers.My most favourite part is the center cake. My husband was happy and surprised after opening the box.  I too thoroughly enjoyed making the box and took care of every small details so that he likes my gift .
Submitting toLessology Challenge - " Sew lovely"Allsorts challenge blog - " Favourite things" - I always wanted to sew , so here is my first project which i thoroughly enjoyed doing. Hello Friends, am very happy to inform you all that I have been selected as  the design team member for create something catchy challenges. After finishing up with the shelf I found a lot of my handmade cards still lying on the floor. Hello friends, Today am posting a terracotta jewellery set which I designed for my new kurta. In this post I will be sharing with you some of the tips and techniques for making terracota jewellery. Simple materials present in and around the house are enough to create beautiful jewellery.  I use pen knife for making designs and cutting the clay to the shape of a template. 4) Cut the design of the pendant you want to make in a cardboard sheet and then using that as template cut in the clay.
5) For attaching the small beads in the pendant apply gum in the pieces of floral wire and then attach in the pendant. 7) While choosing the thread make sure that the thread is not too thin as it should be able to withstand the weight of the jewellery.
Unique pearl and semi-precious necklace handmade from freshwater pearls, semi-precious Blue Goldstone and Sterling Silver.

Unique jewellery made by hand, unusual necklace handmade from freshwater pearls, semi-precious Amethyst and Sterling Silver. This unique necklace has been handmade from freshwater pearls and is a one of a kind handmade jewellery design. Recently mural relief work grabbed my attention and you can see a post soon on it." Thank you for reading patiently and now its my turn to tag one of my blogger friend .
Submitting toLulupu challenge - " go 3D"Imaaginations craft challenge blog - " Anything goes"Dream valley challenge - " Favourite colour combo" - Whenever I wanted to make a project I would always think that black and pink will only look rich and good compared to others.
Last week my parents and my husband jointly gifted me a sewing machine for my upcoming birthday. I took measurement such that my books and ipad fits inside and sewed the bag using the sewing machine. For a long time I was thinking that it would be nice if i had some big shelves which can accommodate all my craft items. Actually I dont know which is better; air dry clay or oven baked clay as I haven't used the oven baked clay before. Also don't choose it too thick as beads wont go inside the thread and the knot will be visible with a thick thread. I chose the colours purple, blue and yellow from the dress.  I have used the same pattern found on the dress for the pendant and earrings.
This makes me to go on and on. The happiness that I get when I wear my own creation is also one of the reasons that keeps me going.
Since I am here in US for a temporary stay I don't want to invest much on furniture as it would be difficult to dispose them if we are moving.
Also when somebody comes to my home and see my creations and appreciate it, it encourages me to create more and more.
In this full project I have used various shades of pink with black.4 crafty chicks - " Photo inspiration " - I was inspired by the cake and created an birthday theme explosion box with a cake at the centerImaginations - " Bingo challenge" - I have used pattern papers, punches and pearls in my project .
To prevent the shelves from bending due to weight I made dividers by sticking many cardboard pieces together. Pattern papers for covering the explosion box and for the pockets , punches I have used in the lid and for making cake, pearls I have used for decorating the lid of the box. Some of her projects which I like are coconut shell box, belt earrings, pistachio shell jewlery , blush card etc. I  bought some packaging boxes from home depot and with the help of my father made these shelves.

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