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Colombia is second in the table with 26 points behind the already qualified Argentina and are knocking on the WC door, a conquest that seemed very distant at the start of the World Cup qualifiers, where Colombia was wondering without direction the tortuous road to Brazil.
After several disappointments with Colombians Leonel Alvarez and Hernan "Bun" Gomez, Colombia set their eyes on Pekerman, the first foreign coach to take charge of the Colombian team since Colombia failed in the 1982 qualifiers where the team was led by Argentinian Salvador Bilardo. At this point in the qualifiers Colombia is seen as one of the strongest teams in South American football, with an orderly style of play, fast and effective. Unlike other countries that came with a path already begun, this has been very fast, very dynamic.
Jose Pekerman regrets Colombia's loss to Venezuela and has said that his team will be ready for the match against Brazil. Los dirigentes de Boca Juniors le ofrecieron a Jose Pekerman el cargo de director tecnico, pero el entrenador la rechazo por razones personales.

La negativa de Pekerman acrecientan las posibilidades que Pompei continue en el cargo de entrenador de Boca Juniors. En APuroGol podras encontrar todos los partidos y Resultados en VIVO y en DIRECTO del futbol Argentino para tu telefono Celular, Iphone, Ipad, Tableta android Gratis, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Eliminatorias Sudamericanas, Champions League y Liga de Europa. Those players, before criticized for not living up to what they were doing with their clubs, were growing as the qualifiers wore on."Colombia has many players playing at a high level. Colombia is a team that delivers results, which sometimes comes at the expense of the show," said Pinto.The numbers speak for themselves. We have put the team back on track," Pekerman said in an interview with the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais. Today there is more tactical application that helps the team," said Pinto in a recent interview with the Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

Before Pekerman took over they were ranked 36.The Argentinian coach, whose daughter is Colombian as she was born when Pekerman was playing in Medellin, counts the hours to seal a perfect campaign, which, as noted, started with many difficulties. Seguimientos especiales a los partidos de River en vivo y para ver Boca en vivo ademas de todo el campeonato argentino.

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