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Neither Grado nor Westone, this latest pair of in-ears from Philips was designed to woo music lovers looking for an affordable noise-cancelling solution. The audio package arrives in a comprehensive bundle, which includes a black zippered pouch, three silicon buds, 6.3mm adapter, aircraft plug, and a single AAA battery. We found the best fit with the mid-sized earbud, but users with larger ear canals might have to opt for the largest-size silicon tip. On the other hand, the Talk Mode feature proved useful when engaging in conversations or eavesdropping with the in-ears on. More power is required to drive the in-ears due to its higher impedance, compared to the stock Creative EP-830 which accompanies the Creative ZEN X-Fi, for example. We thank all our supporters who have helped us garner these prestigious media awards in the industry! WIth many new headphones being unveiled at CES 2015, you might well be planning your next purchase.
Manufacturers constantly vie to produce the best sounding, or the most intuitive headphones; at this year's CES in Las Vegas it's been no different.
Known for portability, comfort and noise-isolating characteristics, over- and on-ear headphones are always a popular category.
AKG was out in full force to unveil a new pair of over-ear headphones, designed in collaboration with music producing legend Quincy Jones. Phaz Music introduced a pair of over-ear headphones that feature patented power-transfer technology to transfer energy from the rechargeable Li-Ion battery, directly to your mobile device and recharge it as you go. Elsewhere, House of Marley unveiled the US$250 Tribute over-ears, which feature 50mm drivers; the Legend Active Noise Cancelling over-ears, meanwhile, are due out this Autumn for US$280.

In-ear headphones have a range of uses: the morning commute, home-listening and out for that weekend jog.
JBL announced some sport in-ears of its own in the form of the Reflect Response BT and Synchros S210BT. The company has also announced a pair of battery-free noise-cancelling headphones in the form of the JBL Reflect Aware. Meanwhile, House of Marley unveiled some in-ear headphones next to its over- and on-ear ranges. Although my favourite are still the Fidelio M2BT, I keep trying each single one (which has a certain quality) to add it to my comparison list. Sorry Sir Joe, but it would take an age to compile such a list and given the number of new headphones launched at CES this year, we simply didn't have the time or resources to cover them all.
Released three months ago, the Dutch electronics firm continues their foray into the active noise-cancelling space with two new in-ear monitors, the SHN2600 and SHN4600, the latter of which is on test this issue. According to Philips, the SHN4600 is ranked above the entry-level and cheaper SHN2600, with the SHN4600 offering ten per cent more in terms of noise reduction qualities. Dressed mainly in black, the SHN4600’s wires offer a versatile neck-strap configuration which can be worn in front, or draped behind the head. When tried, passive noise isolation alone was good enough to block out a fraction of the ambient clamour. To enable it, simply press and hold the Talk Mode button located on the noise-reduction unit. And the same phenomenon was experienced when we plugged the SHN4600 into a desktop computer’s headphone outlet.

It's particularly good at removing low-frequencies like jet engine noise, so you can enjoy soft music on flights, and in trains and similar places without hearing a distracting buzz in the background.
This year saw several new pairs introduced, with the Marshall Major II (above) - announced at CES Unveiled - among the first. An "audiophile-grade" amplifier powers the 40mm drivers and a 15dB bass-boost button improves low frequencies.
CES 2015 saw a good few new pairs announced, all with these uses in mind and with new, intuitive technologies very much on the agenda. First are the Journey BT in-ear sports headphones - wireless and aptX compatible, and having been created with "content and performance in mind". Also announced by House of Marley are the Mystic in-ears and Little Bird in-ears. We’d recommend the latter since the headphones are susceptible to cable thumps, and also to offset the weight of the cumbersome noise-reduction unit. Unfortunately, the SHN4600’s so-called active noise cancelling attribute failed to obliterate external noise, mid and higher frequencies also managed to creep through.
Overall, we’d say the SHN4600 provides a passable soundstage with adequate warmth, although its passive noise isolation clearly works better than its active component.
Taking design cues from Marshall's amplifier range, these new cans feature customised drivers that deliver "deeper bass and a more refined midrange". The cans also benefit from noise-cancellation and sound customisation technology, which promises to continually adjust bass and treble to prevent distortion.

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