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Are you considering a cartilage earring, but do not quite understand what it is or how it is done? Lobe piercing is something nearly hundred percent among the population on earth does, especially women. Fashionable, outlandish, unusual are some descriptive words used in some designs of cartilage earrings. There are also other kind of earring style that you can try such as nose earrings, tragus etc.
The process of perforating the helix or upper ear using a small gauged hollow piercing needle in order to insert a jewelry or ring is known as helix piercing. This kind of piercing is generally done with a sterile hollow needle of 18 gauge or even curved ones mainly used by novice piercers. Though not too painful as the helix is without any nerve endings, people may go through pain if too much pressure is exerted on the cartilage by the piercer during the perforation process.
The piercing should be touched to the minimum for a few days as constant contact with it may hurt the tender tissue, leading to inflammation and pain. Do not bring the pierced are in contact with makeup, body sprays, perfumes or any other fluids.
Cleaning the area with cotton or washing with warm water will help in preventing infection. It is recommended to sleep on your back, avoid swimming or wearing earmuffs to avoid putting pressure on your ear.
Avoid picking at the crust formed by the lymphatic fluid as it may lead to bacterial infection.
The pain may last for about 2 to 4 months, which also depends on the care and precautions taken after piercing. Single helix piercing: This refers to the single perforation made in the upper cartilage or helix region.
Double helix piercing: Here double perforations are made in the upper cartilage of the ear. Anti helix piercing: Also known as the snug, the piercing passes through the anti helix region (inner cartilage ridge) from the middle to the side. Inner helix piercing: Here the inner cartilage of the ear is pierced with a small curved needle. Forward helix piercing: This piercing is done in the upper part of the helix where the ear and head meet. Helix orbital piercing: Here two piercings are done side by side in such a way that the ring appears to orbit the ear. What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry.
What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows. What are spider bites piercings Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd. Here you will find a large base of information regarding cartilage jewelry, piercing types and unique pieces of ear jewelry. Tragus Jewelry The market is full of different and stylish tragus jewelry these days meeting the demand of people who get the tragus piercing done.

Industrial Jewelry Industrial piercing is when you get two piercing in one ear and wear the jewellery in the same. Helix Jewelry Triple helix piercing is usually done with the help of a curved needle just like the normal helix piercings.
Helix Piercing Helix piercing is the process of making a hole on the upper cartilage of the ear known as helix. Rook Piercing In ancient times, piercing was considered as a part of religious tradition especially in Africa and some parts of Asia but in recent times, it has become a style statement. Industrial piercing is a pair of piercing connected by the jewellery usually on the upper ear cartilage. Tragus Piercing Tragus ear piercing is the new trend these days, which is done at the end of the tunnel of the ear.
Cartilage earrings have come up to be the most common type of piercing earring worn by people these days. Well, it differs from a lobe earring in the sense that it is done rather with a needle than with a piercing gun. A piercing gun is designed to cause minimal pain to a lobe, which has more flesh and blood.
However, cartilage earrings are undoubtedly for anyone of any sex, age, except toddlers of course, occupation, or culture.
Located along the inner ridge of the ear cartilage, alongside the tragus, has become a pretty popular place – especially for multiple piercings. A tiny cork can be used to block the opening of the ear canal, also preventing foreign particles from entering the ear. The pain generally lasts for few seconds, but may depend upon the individual’s pain bearing capacity. Labret studs, microdermal, horseshoe circular barbell, ball closure ring, captive bead ring (CBR), hoops or studs are some options for jewelry that can be worn after piercing. However the cost approximately ranges from $20 to $50, also depending on the reputation of the shop.
We have the best industrial ear piercer and the jewellery that will be best suited for you.
You can usually wear just one cartilage earring, because of which it is sold as a single piece. There are a number of things that you should consider when planning to pierce you ears such as the risks of infection, painful that you may feel, healing process, and the ear piercings types.
Yes, you are right; it is more painful for sure and needs more care to avoid infection, but on the other hand, – it is painful to be beautiful! There are people, however, who prefer to use a piercing gun, but it has some disadvantages, as the gun was not typically designed for cartilage piercing. Different styles even for the unusual piercing such as the tragus piercing are available at jewelry stores and online. You buy the specific gauge for your piercing and the different type of cartilage piercing as to eliminate any discomfort or closing of your piercing. Being one of the most fashionable accessories, especially for women, you have the ability to create a different feel or look each time you change your piercing.  Making a bold statement or enhancing your femininity wearing the latest trend in ear accessory or simply living it up, there are cartilage earrings to suit any style. This downward area of cartilage that moves toward the center of the ear, parallel to the outer rim of the ear canal, accents the perfect anatomy of your ear, in terms of places to sport some studs or hoops.
The piercing may take longer to heal, and soreness prolonged. Not everybody has the same neural sensation in his or her ears, probably used to ears wrung in childhood, but it is sorer than a lobe piercing! Designs widely differ, from plain hoops, studs, circular barbells, metal bars with detachable balls, and more.
This process requires minimum head movement as a lot of pressure is needed to puncture the area.

Since the blood vessels are destroyed during the piercing process, minor bleeding occurring for about an hour need not be worried about. Unlike lobe piercing which only needs more or less 1 month to heal, helix may needs more than 6 months. Obtaining the classic look while it can still be offbeat and make you stand out from the rest is with several different cartilages piercing, which have become the norm.  The top curled-in part of your ear where the helix piercing is done is one of the first cartilages piercing usually done. The actual procedure for rook piercings are pretty simple, compared to other forms of piercing.
Make sure you ask a professional to get the piercing done to avoid any infections that many happen.
Buying the wrong earring for your gauge will cause great discomfort and also wearing a thinner earring will make your gauge smaller to cause further discomfort when buying a thicker earring later. The tragus is very popular for people with broad faces as the piercing is done on the small nodule of an ear behind your cheekbone, separate from the rest of your ear.  Chained cartilage earrings, double-chained cartilage earrings, spiral barbells, dainty femininity, macho man, feathered earrings, gold, silver in any shape imaginable worn singularly or paired with other completely different cartilage earrings to create the desired look. In fact, when properly done, it should not take longer than a few minutes from start to finish.Rook Piercing CareSince it is a cartilage piercing, you may find that caring for your new look may be a bit different than a simple ear or lip piercing.
Gun piercing is to be avoided as it may cause sudden shock to the ear as well as lead to infection.
This will reduce or eliminate the risk of infection and reduce the swelling associated with rook piercings. For women, you will notice that any type of perfume, hairspray and certain makeup may irritate the area some. Therefore, it is less painful to get ear piercings done on that area compared to other areas in ear. It is also a good idea to change your pillowcase on a daily basis after cleansing your rook piercing.
This will keep dirt and bacteria from building up around the piercing.While you are able to maintain a rook piercing with different gauges, depending on the jewelry you want to use, you should always let the professional decide what is best for your specific type of rook. Perhaps it is because the area is large enough so that there is enough space to have more than one hole with more than earrings too.
A gun is widely used to make ear lobe piercing because it is less painful then using needle. It is recommended to handle the first rook separately to ensure you do not react to the process or jewelry before getting any others. While other piercing types may need 2-12 months to heal, you will need only 6 weeks or even faster to heal.
You will not have much room to turn the jewelry or may be uncomfortable using liquid solutions to cleanse your rook, since you will undoubtedly get some liquid in your ear. Give yourself about 3-6 months to get used to it and you will probably just forget that you even have a rook piercing in.Here are some amazing ways that both men and women choose to sport their rook piercings to express their own personality traits, individuality and of course, self-expression.

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