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The mares I used to be and could have become are in my past, so I leave them there, where they belong. Starwish Sparkler, or alternatively Second Chance is a young mare that had been enslaved the majority of her life. Reading: An uncommon trait in wastelanders, she was taught to read by Northern Charge at her behest. Haunting past: Starwish has a past which dictates her actions and weighs on her heart and mind. Immunity to pain: Starwish's strongest weaknesses, it has led to her injuries to compounding into larger and life threatening instances (Such as severe cuts being allowed to bleed out until she had become anemic). Reduced vision: She is 80-90% blind in one eye, the other having nearsightedness (Can only see things clearly up close). Starwish’s artificial limb: In its current state, her leg is rather heavy and is not the fastest, but it is durable. Memory orb: Starwish owns a memory orb containing a mixture of memories from her lifetime - Primarily her younger years, before she was a slave. Custom Pip-Buck: Through her time in Cliffside after she learned to read, Starwish has been applying her thirst for knowledge in things that interested her. Short and gray, she never had a chance to grow to a full sized mare due to her life as a slave.
The fact her and the rest of the other slaves had cutie marks was an abomination, it was a mistake, so they were taken. Throughout her time within this life, her magic dwindled with her spirit, her will - It did not take but years to extinguish her very spirit, the spark that lit her magic faltering and dieing. The last year in captivity were her most brutal, collecting most of her scars, including her ‘cutie scars’. Stresses and new scars added to the little mare before one of her customers had took it on himself to break her horn off since she ‘wasn’t using it anyway’.
After the attack was over, neither raider group had what would be called a victory, both sides dead or dieing with only a small handful of slaves surviving. On the topic: Starwish's sexuality, strongly preferring other mares, is not involved with the same innate trait others of the same sexuality. Personally he favors black and grey, but in certain instances he is equally ambitious to do vibrant color pieces.
From the first, I set myself against "literature"; the story was the thing, and no amount of style could persuade me to select a story that lacked genuine, unadulterated horror.
Blurrred of the wrongs: If I remember the blurb was good about the elves in tights but the entertainment stopped there.
Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! The past does not determine who I am; it is what I do with my future that determines the kind of pony I will be tomorrow. She arrived in Cliffside in June, 2281 a week after the Legion attacked her slave compound on the search for zebra slaves. Starwish had lost all hope and all will, her magic was completely lost to her as she had nothing - Not even the knowledge of being a pony via total deponification (See: dehumanization) for the majority of her life.
She quietly observes the world around her, the machines getting special attention; watching each part in function. All the elements of anything technological working, dancing and performing their art in harmony is one of this pony’s joys. It has caused her to act in a somewhat strange manner and she is prone to psychological blocks and breaks about certain things.
This is in no way a boon or positive ability, caused by her life as a slave - Notably her cutie mark removal and lack of healing thereof.
It in no way augments or boosts her ability, in fact, the false limb is prone to malfunction, jamming, power failure, shorts, creates noise (If she ever needs to sneak).
Her first attempt at prosthetics, she used the remains of her leg for rough ideas toward the concept of her prosthetic.
In it contains the last times she saw her family alive as well as where she grew up to the age of nine.
The first manual she owned was the Pip-Buck repair bible where she learned the groundwork of her trade. She had an older sister who cared and protected her, loving parents that would nurture and support her no matter what she chose to become or do. From her ‘encounters’ where she taken freely by her handlers, Chance had her first pregnancy.

She acquired these when the raider-owner had grown tired of seeing the branding of her previous master which he took pleasure in carving and flaying away from her flanks. She cried out and lashed out in a (Rather pathetic) buck to the stallion, who hadn’t paid for mutilating her and refused to after the fact.
Most of the slaves which survived followed what was commanded of them by the master, staying at his side. The revelation that Canterlot was a demolished hellhole and that the princesses were dead was a crushing thing; they sounded very nice to her. Growing up in the 80’s watching horror films, outlandish cartoons, and reading comic books, he started thinking of how to create alternate realities in his head. Fighting their way past giant antibodies, passing through the heart itself, entering the inner ear where even the slightest sound would destroy them, battling relentlessly into the cranium. Looks a bit like sf to me Dem It's a fairly standard soap opera with tiny people running around and all that cold war, James Bond malarkey. It will be all gnomes and dragons and "send him to the Dung Pits of Glyve!" and bloody Tolkien next! Bloody SF?!?!?!?!Bored Of The Rings is terrific - but it does help if you know a bit about (zzzzz) LOTR.
The little mare has seen and experienced things that would change any pony for the rest of their life. Her book collection is her pride and joy, but don’t be afraid to ask her for a book, if selflessness was a skill, she would be overpowered in it.
Through her diligence, she has acquired the ability to repair and in some cases fabricate pure machinery.
She can repair broken technology when presented, granted there are enough parts left to work with.In a pinch, Starwish can use various skills to jury rig an item into function, usually just enough to see it through when it needs to.
Drawing on what she has seen from similar applications for robotic legs as well, she opted for direct power to the joints, installing the actuators inside the joint, protecting them from dirt and other contaminates. It was created by Xephyna to extract her original name and cutie mark from the long buried memories. Through this time, Starwish has honed her craft in repair and modification of various Pip-Buck models which resulted in her customized Pip-Buck. Her mane and tail are a sandy brown, usually kept neat and tidy as she is able, happy to be able to control her appearance and allow herself to, in her mind, look presentable. With the conditions she lived in, her body was able to hold what would be her first foal for only 60% of the term.
She was punished for attacking the customer for any reason, being jammed into a confining cage with a dying slave under the compound which remained mostly unlit. Through the circumstances of the ‘near isolation’ punishment took place being unlit, the attackers mistook both within the cage to be deceased. Little school work was accomplished in his teens but acres of desktops, folders, and books were vandalized by crude, morbid, and erotic images that constantly filled his head.
Speaking of whom, anyone else attempted to read this laugh a millennium pile of old goblins? Funnier than the Bond parody Alligator (which was more a parody of Fleming's writing style than out and out humour) and much better than Doon.Ahem. It has changed her into another pony altogether, to the point she may as well have had her mind and soul changed bodies. Creating objects takes time, concentration and supplies; she cannot create when one of the three is missing. While it is uncommon, she is granted the ability to repair higher grades of technology, highest ability shown: heavy repair upon androids as well as installing a repair talisman into one. It is built primarily from the decommissioned remains of a sentry bot located inside Shot Trotters. Her conditioning and brainwashing was severe enough that this was the only way to access these memories and her own information before she had become a slave. Using parts from the various models that are in this repair bible, she pieced together a her own unit which has the traits she enjoyed from each. She wears glasses that are somewhat near what would be prescribed to her, allowing her to see better than she would otherwise.
Her second owner had used and pressed that she wasn’t able to tell her proper age to enforce the false age. She was in this punishment with her now perished cell mate for days when the legion attacked her compound, looking and tearing it apart to find any and all zebra slaves.
The book probably fares better than the film except that the ancient special effects lend the film an archaic charm.It's far easier to believe that people have shrunk to the size of microbes when you don't actually see it happening.

I really try to find something positive to say about every book i read 'cause they're all mostly entertaining after their own fashion, but in this instance it's no easy job.Douglas C.
Seventeen years of harsh treatment have left her meek and quiet, battling the restraints that still hold her mind as the slave she was. Fabrication of things of this nature are extremely difficult and would require her to attempt multiple times. It is primarily able to do the same functions as a typical Pip-Buck with added diagnostic capabilities of a Pip-Buck repair tech's (With cable), extended storage space, increased self-medical diagnostics (It has become how she 'feels' or detects pain). Her eyes are a deep pink, as her magic color is, though it is rare for her to open her eyes beyond a slightly baleful expression, showing what she feels is rather difficult.
Within months of the sixteen year mark of her being a slave, there was an attack from a group of slaving raiders who stormed the compound. Due to her small size and stature, she was easily passed off as 17-18 or sometimes younger to fetch a better price for her ‘services’, after all, a younger mare would be more desirable than one of her actual age; thus she fetched a higher price. Frozen with fear and apprehension, Chance lie with the corpse of her cell mate until hours after the sounds of war had stopped.
She lacks most social norms and bears large gaps within what most ponies take for granted in their upbringing - Normal socialization; this leaves her inept in most situations, finding even simple things such as jokes difficult.
Overall, the Pip-Buck is much more fragile due the nature of how it is assembled without a proper protective case.
This is when she became pregnant a second time in her life, this one lasting a much shorter span of time - she only was able to feel the initial effects and her stomach start to swell before her body rejected the fetus due to the flayed portions of her flanks causing bodily distress and the other abuses she suffered. Not wanting to do construction for the rest of his life, Brad was offered an apprenticeship in March of 2010 by Mike Prevost (owner and operator of 13th Hour Tattoos) and obviously accepted. No ponies know what really goes through her mind, as this is not something she is accustomed to expressing to even her lovers.
Her mother, sister and any surviving pony within the town was taken to the raider camp for processing into slavery. After a short time wandering, she came across the rotting body of a pony wearing shredded armor and after some deliberation, she took the shreds of combat armor as her own and wore them. Though, ponies that mistake her social awkwardness and lack of educations while growing as being slow or even stupid will be in for a rather large surprise as her intelligence is very understated with her personality.
Attempting to have her foals spared from the horrors of what the life of a slave held, her mother attacked their group's 'guard'.
The second was a much more cruel owner, punishing the slaves for any amount of divergence of command or the behavior wished. Wolf's Killerbowl, three issues of Beyond magazine and a couple of crumpled copies of Fantastic on the go (threads to follow later in week, i hope), and, as if things haven't taken enough of a turn for the Vault of Sci-Fi, now a novelisation by Isaac Bloody Asimov!
The Harvard Lampoon's Bored of the Rings is unquestionably a comic masterpiece as well as a brilliant parody of JRR Tolkien's famous The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Overall, Starwish lends herself to a very mild temperament and is polite and kind to a fault; though this kindness should not be taken for granted as under the gentle surface seethes a lifetime of unexpressed emotions.
The rebellion was started and ended near instantly as she was shot in the stomach, subdued and her throat slit.
But even the remote possibility that this could live up to the terrific, ridiculously imaginative film was just too much of a temptation to resist! The foals were allowed to cling to the quickly cooling corpse of their mother until it was their own time to be processed.
Her newly acquired cutie mark were branded over and mangled by the iron made for larger and older ponies. Those who approve of courtesy to a certain author will not touch this gobbler with a ten-foot battle-lance. A steady diet of harsh treatment, constant sexual abuse and deponification warped her mind into believing she was not even a pony, she wasn't worthy of any nicety that life afforded.
Also, he's given all eighteen chapters single-word headings ('Plane', 'Car', 'Lung', 'Ear', etc.. I'm only on page 3 and Cora has yet to receive a mention, so best get a few chapters under my belt before resuming transmission.

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