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Air rivet guns & hand tools collection start with the famous entry level Pop TT55 manual rivet tool through too the ultimate in high speed production tool, such as the popular RT-10171.
A high performance heavy duty tool with endless features, including: speedy installations, long life battery and fast re-charge times (only 30 minutes compared to the normal 60 minutes). These rivets guns are heavy duty tools suitable for high volume installation of both Huck and standard blind rivets. The famous Pop TT55D is a heavy duty hand plier rivet tool that makes light work of rivet installation.

Includes non-toxic marking pen, tube of ear care gel, one pair of training studs and instructions. German 88-mm rounds may be identified, as described in paragraph 64, by markings and appearance.
These are not available, except for the range table for firing the armor-piercing projectile in paragraph 64.
Includes easy to follow, step-by-step instruction manual and nontoxic surgical marking pen.

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