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Or would you like to know the signs and symptoms, how to heal, clean or treat an industrial ear piercing infection including one that has a bump?
Injuries, wrong jewelry, poor hygiene (during piercing and afterwards) and general negligence are what could encourage pathogens to attack you.It is worthwhile noting that although new piercings are more vulnerable to infections, even old piercings can get infected too. We have in many occasions heard people talking about their infected industrial piercing after years.
If you notice any uncomfortable feeling, which persists for a few days, it could also be a sign.Infected industrial piercing picturesYou have looked at the various signs of an industrial infected piercing. It is time to look at some photos or pictures to further illustrate how your ear might look like if you have an infected industrial bar piercing.

Some of the common infected industrial piercing treatments you expect include the following:Use of antibiotics and antibacterial ointmentsAntibiotics can only be used after they have been prescribed.
See more details on saline (sea salt and water mixture) solution use on our section on ‘how to clean an infected industrial piercing’How to clean an infected industrial piercingOnce you notice an infection on your piercing, you need to know how to clean it to avoid further spread of the infection.
We are going to discuss saline solution since it is a simple homemade remedy that can be of much help.To begin with, you can prepare saline solution by mixing ? a teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of clean lukewarm water. Avoid over cleaning since it might interfere with the normal healing process.During the cleaning process, dip a cotton ball in your salt solution and gently dab it on the infected piercing site.
These bubbles or bumps are a signs of infection and they should be treated.The general way of treating piercing bump is the use of saline solution, applying aspirin, chamomile teabags, Epsom salts, bactine, polysporin, neosporin among other ways.

Tea tree oil is what we will recommend since most people have found it working magic on industrial piercing infection bump.
Industrial piercing keloidInfected industrial piercing care tipsA new industrial bar piercing infection takes a long time to heal, more than three months (usually 6months to a year).

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