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It’s common for people to think they have an infection in their piercing when they are actually having an allergic reaction. Like most allergies, if your body is sensitive to something, the sensitivity gets worse the more you are exposed to the allergen. Of course, there are some people who are very allergic from birth and have problems starting with their very first time they come into contact with the allergen. The only way to determine which elements in a particular metal alloy are causing allergic reaction is to have through medical testing.
Before declaring nickel the bringer-of-evil when it comes to body jewelry, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. There’s a good chance that most of the stainless steel jewelry you see at inexpensive mall stores and kiosks is not implant-grade stainless steel. All stainless steel jewelry we use for our initial piercings meets the ASTM F-138 specification for being implant-grade.
As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, a lot of our customers have trouble wearing cheap jewelry from mall stores or elsewhere. On our piercing release form we ask our clients if they have a known allergy to nickel or other metals. If a client has been diagnosed with a nickel sensitivity or allergy, or they find that they do tend to react to the items previously mentioned, we would suggest they choose jewelry made from an alternate material. If stainless steel isn’t going to be an option, there are a number of other metals we can use for piercing jewelry. Titanium is a metal that is used extensively in the medical field: bone and joint replacements, dental implants, facial and cranial repair, pacemaker cases and limb prosthesis. Titanium does tend to cost more than stainless steel, but unless it is a very large piece of jewelry, the price increase isn’t usually significant.
While titanium is a great option for a very large percentage of people, there are some people who do not tolerate titanium well. When it comes to metals that are safe to wear in the body, gold is one of the most bio-compatible, chemically-inert metals on the planet. Before we get in to the specifics of why gold works so well, let’s establish a couple of ground rules.
We do not consider plated, rolled and filled gold to be safe options for use in a fresh piercing. Because yellow gold is so biocompatible, and because it contains no nickel (at least it shouldn’t), a large number of people can wear it with no issues. White gold and rose gold are both achieved by starting with yellow gold and then adding another metal to it.
Considered one of the most precious metals, platinum’s great corrosion resistance and bio-compatibility make it ideal for use in fine jewelry and body jewelry.
We typically stock platinum nostril jewelry with genuine diamonds and some smaller-sized platinum continuous rings and captive bead rings. Sterling silver can be used for some body jewelry, but this tends to be limited to specific designs and it should only be used in well-healed piercings. When we decided to write this blog, we posted to our Facebook page to see if anyone had specific questions related to metal sensitivities . When it comes to stretching, stick with non-porous materials such as stainless steel, titanium, niobium, gold, platinum, glass or stone (note: not all stone is good for stretching). Hopefully after reading this, you will have a better understanding of why your previous reactions may have happened. If you are able to wear implant-grade stainless steel, that will tend to be the least expensive option. As we mentioned in the article, sensitivities often get worse over time as your body is exposed more to the thing(s) it is sensitive or allergic to. If you have any other questions related to this topic, feel free to post them in the comments section. This entry was posted in Ear Piercings, Glass Jewelry, Jewelry, Microdermal Piercings, Navel piercings, Nostril Piercings, Philtrum Piercing, Piercing, Piercing Minors, Piercings by Courtney, Piercings by Dan, Piercings by Nate, Septum piercings, Surface Piercings, Tragus Piercings, Triple forwar, Uncategorized and tagged allergies, body piercing, ear piercing, earrings, metal, Piercing, sensitivities by Derek Lowe. Derek is a current member of the Association of Professional Piercers and is former member of the Board of Directors of the organization.
So I just got my belly button pierced yesterday, which makes it my fourth time having it done.
Substances you are exposed to only at certain times of the year, such as plant pollens, cause seasonal allergies.
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Hi, I was looking around for information about my metal allergies and you gave some good information, but I’m still at a loss. We aren’t big fans of Bioflex jewelry, but we do know that it has worked well for some people. Thanks for getting back to me, my sister got hers pierced within the same week and also had the dreaded bump. It’s not common that changing to a ring or circular barbell (horseshoe shape) will help a piercing heal, as that type of jewelry tends to move around more and keep the piercing more irritated. I’m having a very hard time healing with (what was sold as) titanium nose labret-style studs. I know plastic can be porous and cause infections on their own, and is not ideal, but I’m really losing my mind having constantly aggravated piercings so prominent on my nose. Hi, I was curious as to ways you can be certain that the materials a shop is using for piercings are compatible with what is said up here, like what documents or certifications or questions should I be asking?
Here are some examples of what mill certificates, MSDS sheets and a certificate of compliance might look like. 2) There is now way for us to know for sure what the quality of the jewelry you are wearing is, but it has been our experience that jewelry from that company tends to be cheap, unsafe, low-quality garbage. Other benefits of 316L are its rust resistance and malleability—both key factors for jewelry use.

Many people find they are able to wear any type of jewelry when they are younger, but as they get older they began to have more frequent, and more severe, reactions. The inside of the human body can be a very corrosive environment and therefore metal that resists corrosion is very important. If they indicate they have a nickel allergy, or that they are generally sensitive to metals, we will discuss the issue further. If it can be used so extensively for critical applications inside the human body, it should be great for use in body jewelry. When this type of titanium meets the requirements to be considered implant-grade, some people refer to it as F67 titanium, although that description isn’t exactly accurate.
Even with the additional cost, titanium is significantly less expensive than precious metals like gold or platinum.
However, the cost of niobium has increased quite a bit over the past 10 years making it less appealing. When we are talking about gold for use in body jewelry, we are referring to 14kt or 18kt solid gold. The mixtures of metals used in plated, rolled and filled gold are usually low-quality and unsafe. A few  reputable gold jewelry companies will apply a 22kt or 24kt plating to some of their designs to give the pieces a deep, yellow appearance. The popularity of each of those colors of gold tends to change with fashion and designs trends. Using pure platinum is possible, but it tends to be very hard, which makes it difficult to work.
While silver is used for lots of types of jewelry, it actually makes a poor choice for body jewelry. This can result in production of fluids, including blood in the case of an over-stretching the piercing. If some pieces of jewelry bother you more than others, chances are it’s a result of the material make-up of what you are wearing. However, if you start with high-quality jewelry, you should be on your way to figuring out in no time.
There is no way for us to tell you exactly how to go about that, as it varies from studio to studio.
I’ve had my third and fourth earlobe piercings for over 2 months and they refuse to heal. It’s very possible they may be able to give you a more specific idea of what is going on if they can see the piercings. I surprise how so much attempt you set to create the sort of wonderful informative web site. I was considering getting a nose piercing recently and I was wondering what kinds of metals are prone to allergies.
I got my tragus pierced in early September and am still having issues: swollen, discolored and itchy. I have had a very hard time with numerous metals in the past, and have healed the best with plastic in. A mill certificate will show independent testing of the material verifying that it meets the specifications to be implant-grade. You might get a few more weeks or few more months out of the piercing, but it will almost certainly start to come out again. With a piercing that is that new, it is incredibly easy to damage what little new tissue will have formed at that point. IUHA ® brand products and carefully selected materials, confirmed the existence of a trader to sell bad products similar. After receiving the order confirmation e-mail, please transfer your payment to the bank account specified in the e-mail. It is composed of approximately 60% Iron, 18% Chromium, and 14% Nickel with small percentages of Molybdenum, Manganese, and others. Stones can be set with relative ease and rust is better inhibited by the specific combination of elements used in 316L versus other stainless steels. With any allergy or sensitivity, your body’s immune system kicks in to gear to try and deal with the allergen. If your body is highly-sensitive to the allergen, the piercing may become very itchy, red, swollen, painful and it may throb. Different mixtures produce different alloys, each with specific combinations of strength, flexibility, malleability, corrosion-resistance, weight, bio-compatibility etc. So while it can create problems for some people, nickel has some pretty serious benefits as well. We ask them if they have reactions to the backings on watches, zippers or buttons on pants or reactions to bracelets or necklaces. However, we use stainless steel extensively and we rarely have a client who has an allergic reaction to jewelry.
While titanium is a pure element, there are a number of different titanium alloys used in medical applications. Gold that is less than 14kt does not contain enough gold to be safe for most people to wear long-term. Many of these people would probably find they can also wear wear titanium, niobium or platinum without any issues.
Regardless of whether you are considering yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, keep in mind that yellow gold is at the center of all three.
There are a few options for the alloy, but the platinum we buy is typically 95% platinum and then 5% of either iridium or ruthenium, both from the platinum family. Horn, bone, antler, wood, fossilized mammoth, plastic and silicone are at least somewhat porous, and many of them are quite porous. Certain pieces of jewelry may contain more of the alelgens your body doesn’t like, making the reaction worse.

But, like with a standard job position, we have to be looking for an apprentice before anyone can get an apprenticeship.
At the shop yesterday they assured me that their jewelry was practically nickel free, but in case i bought bioflex jewelry.
I cannot tolerate silver or surgical steel in piercings, and as soon as I figured it out, my piercer told me to remove the nose stud immediately (about a week after initial piercing) and I switched to Bio-flex. A year ago I went to a tattoo place with a great percing reputation and got my cartilage pierced. My Doctor gave me a round of antibiotics, but the symptoms are still here so I started investigating other possibilities. The mill certificate should have the name of the company that made the jewelry on it, although in some cases it may only have the name of the mill that produced the raw material. The mill certificate should also contain some sort of chemical analysis, showing what percentages of various elements are present in the metal. The only reason to change jewelry that soon is if the jewelry you were wearing is causing some actual problem: moving too much, fitting to tightly etc.
With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide. Despite the fact that 316L has 14% Nickel, it is still considered among the most biocompatible of the stainless series. Obviously knowing what the most common culprit is is makes it easier for us to find solutions. If they indicate they can wear those things without any problems, it has been our experience they will usually have no issues wearing implant-grade stainless steel. Titanium 6Al4V ELI is an alloy used in medical applications and it is the most common titanium alloy used for body piercing. In both of these situations, the plating itself is usually highly-biocompatible and the plating is being applied to a solid gold piece of jewelry. This should be a safe color of gold for those sensitive to nickel, assuming there is no nickel in the original yellow gold mixture. However, just about any type of jewelry that can be made in gold can be made out of platinum.
This means it begins to lose its shininess even if it’s simply sitting in a cabinet or drawer. So my question is, if I start seeing signs of rejection should I change the jewelry to the bioflex, or just leave it in until it either rejects or heals? It makes sense that if you begin rejecting the stud in your belly button, it will never heal, vs. If you’ve had issues with both of those materials, and you are certain the jewelry made from those materials is high-quality (how the jewelry is made and polished is nearly as critical as the materials), then it may be necessary for you to heal your piercings with an alternate material. You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week. We drove from Parker Colorado just to see the products in person - we could not believe that they would be as beautiful in person as on the website - but we were not disappointed!!!!
It has been used in the medical industry for heart stents and spinal implants, among others.
In some cases the piercing hole will appear to get bigger as the skin tries to pull away from what is irritating it. It is very uncommon for someone to react to implant-grade stainless steel if they are able to wear most other types of jewelry without a problem.
If you want to know more about these metals, there is a nearly limitless supply of information available on-line.
These factors make it less-ideal than titanium in many piercing applications even though it is very body-friendly.
While not common, there are some people who do not react well to the extra copper in rose gold.
This is something that is more of a consideration for rings and bracelets than for pieces of body jewelry. We also post job openings and apprenticeship opportunities on our web site an our Facebook page, so you can always keep an eye on those places. It’s still quite sore and has a bump that won’t budge for the past 9 months, what should I do? Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the risk for nickel sensitivity when using this alloy for jewelry applications.
Most inexpensive jewelry is mass-produced overseas where there are very few controls to help ensure the quality or content of the metal.
To date, we have had no clients experience a problem wearing rose gold, but it is a possibility. Needless to say, having rotting organic matter inside your freshly-stretched piercing is no good.
My 2nd lobes were gunned a week later (very bad mistake) & had to be changed to labrets as one of lobes swelled.
At this point I decided to try my sterling silver earrings that my dad had bought me at a nice jewelry store. Products used to plan fun day tomorrow cannot be is for the shipping, so be careful when ordering. I did persevere & looked after them as well as I could but the bump at the back of my ear remained. So, the fact that stainless steel contains nickel doesn’t automatically make it bad for use in piercing jewelry. The place I went that it took closed down and the place I went that it rejected twice I don’t wanna go back there.

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