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A labret piercing is a piercing through the lower lip, usually placed in the centre of the lower lip. You can wear a labret stud, BCR or circular bar in your labret piercing although technically lip piercings should only be referred to as "labret piercings" if you wear a labret stud in them.
With the growing acceptance of all things cannabis lately, the 20th of April will carry more of a reason for celebration than ever before.
A 2014 article from Vice News has a bunch of interesting facts and research about this day and its origins if you feel like incorporating a little knowledge into your holiday this year.
One of my favorite tidbits from the article is the fact that the Denver, Colorado Interstate mile marker 420 has been stolen so many times that it was replaced with mile marker 419.99 to deter further theft. Our stash plugs are the perfect way to keep your goods secure, and we even carry herb grinder plugs for easy rolling no matter where you might find yourself.
We also carry a selection of weed-themed jewelry for those who haven’t delved into the vast world of body modification just yet, featuring fashion jewelry and accessories including the products featured in the image below. A dermal is a piece of jewelry that sits beneath the skin and has a decorative top that sits on the surface. Our friend James begins by cleaning the area and then marking and measuring for the placement of the dermals. Only you and your piercer can decide what’s best for you, but as a general rule Dermal Anchors or Microdermals are made of better quality metals and are less likely to be accidentally ripped out or reject. Surface bar, staple, surface barbell, surface wire, U-bar: these are all references to the type of jewelry used in a surface piercing. Dermal, dermal piercing, dermal anchor, microdermal, dermal implant, surface anchor: all phrases used to describe single point piercings. Punch and taper: a surface piercing technique that used a dermal punch to make the entrance and exit holes for a surface piercing, along with a taper or dermal elevator to separate the skin in between from the subcutaneous tissue, creating a perfect staple shaped channel for the jewelry. Double needle, two needle, over under: terms that refer to the use of two standard hollow piercing needles to create a surface piercing.
As with surface piercings, microdermal implants also have several methods still in use, including the use of a dermal punch, a single needle, or a needle and an elevator to create a dermal pocket for jewelry insertion. When a sub-dermal is completed, there will be no visible entry or exit points as with a piercing, just the shape given to the skin by the underlying jewelry.  These are generally implanted surgically through a single incision which is then healed shut. For this reason, microdermal bases will often be smaller than those used to anchor a trans-dermal implant, and will heal a little quicker and leave no significant scarring.  The single entry point of a microdermal is usually made using a device called a dermal punch that utilizes a very sharp circular razor to pierce a hole through the skin, but it has also been made with relative success using standard hollow piercing needles.

Aftercare: Because the hands see so much movement and traffic, a finger piercing will take a little longer than average to heal, with initial healing at closer to twelve weeks and substantial total healing at around six months to a year. Bridget- I have a dermal on my wrist, my ears are stretched to ? , and I have my nose pierced  on either side.
Bridget– My first piercing (besides my regular ear lobes) was my conch when I was 15. Bridget– It has been a very long journey, I started stretching my ears when I was 13. Bridget– Every piercing shop is different, some places punch out your skin, my piercer took a scalpel and made a tiny incision and then took the dermal jewelry and shoved it in, it sounds painful but it was not bad at all. BC– Do you have any advice for people who want to get nose piercings, dermals, or stretch their lobes? BC- It is cool that you just do it for the experience and then decide to take them out shortly after. Bridget– The professional piercer who does my work now, back home in Syracuse NY, just puts a blindfold over my face while I am being pierced so I don’t get scared!
By placing anchors in between vertebrae or on either side matching each other, the string of dermals can give the look of a spiked spine.  This pattern can be done essentially anywhere on the body with the versatility of dermal anchors, allowing for the look of being truly “covered” in spikes or metal. Check out our 0 gauge pipe talon taper (it’s the blue Sherlock-like piece in the above image) made from unobtanium borosilicate glass for the perfect piece to add to your stash.
A selection of our logo inlay jewelry features the ability to glow, which only adds to the righteous style you’ll gain from wearing it.
Additionally, a lot of our jewelry with rasta colors and marijuana leaf designs are currently a part of our clearance section for an easily affordable celebration.
Bridget talks about her extensive array of piercings: including having ears currently stretched to ?, a dermal implant on her wrist, pierced nostrils, conch, septum, belly ring, and various facial and ear piercings. My ears shrink up a lot when I take out my plugs (but they will never shrink back to “normal sized lobes”).
One of my best friends from back home went through a phase where thought she was a piercer and used us as guinea pigs and would pierce us(my friends and I) all the time.
Labret piercings can be placed up near the edge of the lip or further down, depending on preference and anatomy.
There are a lot of myths surrounding the origins of this holiday, which isn’t too surprising since some weed enthusiasts are known to have difficulties remembering the time to get the pizza out of the oven.

The dermal punch is a hollow needle with an angled end that is used to remove a section of the skin to make way for the dermal anchor. He finishes by cleaning up the area and the end result is two lovely gems and one happy customer. To insert them the piercer must use a biopsy punch to create a hole for the jewelry to sit inside. The exposed end has threading and the tops can be interchanged with many colors and styles available. She talks about her unnecessary piercing anxiety and how she actually has to be blindfolded by her piercer before getting poked. I have had everything from things in my stomach and my belly button to like everything on my face imaginable and my ears. Likewise, the story itself is nothing short of what you would expect from the celebration considered the Oktoberfest for potheads. The ends which are exposed are non-interchangeable, so whichever color or style of jewelry you pick would not be able to be changed once  the jewelry is placed.
The method of placing this piercing involves the piercer using a dermal punch, which is a hollow needle with a slanted end.
Labret piercings carry a risk of tooth and gum damage due to jewellery rubbing against teeth and gums. This helps keep the jewelry in place and prevents it easily being ripped out. The exposed end has threading and the tops can be interchanged. The jewelry can be removed by the piercer should you decide you no longer want this piercing.
This damage can be permanent so it is very important to consult a professional piercer if you notice any change in the area or recession of the gums.

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