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Ultimate Comfort Lightweight padded headset made from recyclable aluminum and soft leather.
On-Ear DesignUltra-soft leather ear cups and sound isolating technology remove unwanted outside noise. Premium SoundCustom engineered audio system features high-definition, 40mm moving coil drivers in aluminum enclosures. Earth-Friendly MaterialsDesigned and built with recyclable aluminum, stainless steel, and ultra-soft leather. Over-Ear DesignOver-ear design for exceptional comfort even during long listening sessions.
Recyclable AluminumRecyclable aluminum ring that’s high quality, adds to durability and keeps materials out of the waste stream.

Fabric Covered CordThe 52" fabric cord helps reduce tangles and is specially engineered to cut down on static so you get that clear sound.
Recycled PackagingOur packaging is made from pulp, recycled plastics and recycled paper, and less of them, to cut down on what goes in the waste stream.
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FSC-certified wood, leather and a high-quality recycled aluminum blend to create a striking, sophisticated look.
With battery powered noise-cancelling headphones, it reproduces an intimate, authentic sound that lets you truly feel the music.

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