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BHC created a full-scale branding identity package for The Center for Ear, Nose & Throat at Doctors Community Hospital.
To promote the opening of the Stanford Grill in Columbia, BHC developed an invitation for a VIP pre-opening reception, which we also helped execute. To ensure a brand is well-formulated and impactful, all marketing materials must generate the same look, feel and tone. After strategizing on how best to further market services of the Baltimore-based Upside Down Organization, BHC developed a masthead, edited copy and utilized software to send out a timely and informative e-newsletter, resulting in increased interaction with customers who ordered products, registered for a hosted event or booked a speaker for their organization.
Ear, nose, and throat (otolaryngology) - crashing patient, Otolaryngology (ent) sensory supply to the ear.
Nasal sprays: more there than meets the nose?, Webmd news archive continued but boston conceded that his are just preliminary. We are also actively involved in Mott Children’s Hospital multidisciplinary clinics for vascular anomalies, aerodigestive disorders, and sleep disorders.

As a specialty group dedicated to the care of children, our doctors and nurses understand the special needs of children and do their best to minimize pain, discomfort and anxiety. We offer a full spectrum of therapies and procedures, including airway reconstruction, laser surgery to remove tumors, tracheotomy, ear tube insertion, sinus surgery, cochlear implants and bone conduction implants. Through groundbreaking innovation and unparalleled patient care, the otolaryngology team at C.S. This logo was then utilized to brand all print materials, advertising, practice collateral and signage for the center. In addition, BHC coordinated an extensive and highly successful PR campaign and updated the existing website.
To that end, BHC developed the Doctors Community Hospital (Lanham, Md.) patient handbook, which had to correspond with the DCH brand BHC crafted. Gleichauf, past senior vice president, managed care, planning and marketing for Howard County General Hospital, located in Columbia, Md.

Mott Children’s Hospital, our pediatric otolaryngology team is led by surgeons with many years of experience, seamlessly working together with pulmonology, audiology, speech-language pathology, and  your family to achieve optimum results for your child. Having a comprehensive pediatric otolaryngology group within a team-focused hospital means that in addition to handling any otolaryngology problem, we collaborate and coordinate care with pediatric specialists from other disciplines to decrease the need for multiple appointments. For endoscopic sinus or skull-base surgery, we have the latest image-guided systems for precise positioning and localization of the area of concern. Mott Children’s Hospital provides world class care for children with conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat. Our Division of Electrophysiology is one of the most comprehensive in the US, with expertise in monitoring important nerves, such as the facial nerve during ear surgeries or the recurrent laryngeal nerve during thyroid surgery.

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