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Nothing like a selection of metal objects in your ear to guarantee the continuation of your ear drum!!Can anyone hear after a visit to him? If you need a hearing aid click here, or for more information on hearing protection click here . What to do if you have a wax build up? You might experience some hearing loss and your ears may feel dry, itchy or painful and  A couple of drops of olive oil, or softening drops, in the ear canal administered 2-4 times a day can help to soften the wax and one of our registered Clinical Ear Practitioners can remove it for you safely and painlessly. All our staff are highly skilled audiological practitioners who are trained in healthcare provision.  As we are registered with the Health Professions Council, we can accept self-referrals, or referrals direct from your GP or from Ear, Nose and Throat specialists across the UK.

North London Hearing has been awarded the Phonak Premium Partner mark in recognition of the high level of service they provide to their clients.
Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff. It is an important part of the ear’s natural defense because it has natural lubricating properties and contains an anti-bacterial agent to help prevent infections. Wax only forms in the outer third of the ear canal and usually, slowly works its way out of the ear, bringing debris with it.

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