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Hearing is an incredibly personal experience, and within the realm of hearing loss, there are varying ranges. To put it in context, approximately 70% of hearing aid wearers experience mild to moderate hearing loss, which means they have difficulty when sounds are in the 25 to 60 dB ranges. The good news: severe to profound hearing loss is treatable with the use of powerful hearing aids.
Here at Puget Sound Hearing Aid and Audiology, we offer hearing aids to treat severe to profound hearing loss from the following manufacturers. From Siemens, the Nitro behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid treats severe to profound hearing loss.
From Signia, sister brand to Siemens, comes the new Primax, also equipped to treat moderately severe hearing loss. Oticon recently introduced three power hearing aids for people with severe to profound hearing loss.
The ENZO2 is ReSound’s solution for severe to profound hearing loss, a “Super Power” smart hearing aid that incorporates the wireless accessibility of the LiNX2 with a higher power level.
Phonak offers the Naida V hearing aid, a solution for people who experience severe to profound hearing loss. If you believe your hearing has changed and you may require more powerful hearing aids, give us a call at Puget Sound! A person’s degree of hearing loss refers to the severity of their hearing loss, which is categorized in decibels (dB). In this range, people may have challenges when listening to soft speech or moderate speech in noisy situations. In other words, when sounds fall in the 60 to 80 dB range, people have difficulty hearing these sounds. While hearing aids do not entirely restore one’s hearing back to normal, the use of hearing aids bring many advantages and benefits.

Nitro provides powerful amplification, as well as speech intelligibility and clear listening, using BestSound Technology. Known for its ability to provide listening ease and reducing listening effort, the Primax comprises noise reduction, directionality, and amplification for wearers. Dynamo, Sensei SP and BTE Plus Power are equipped with the Inium Sense Platform with BrainHearing Technology. ENZO2 provides a rich and balanced sound experience, with excellent amplification and feedback elimination. Naida V gives wearers a full spectrum of sound, from high-pitch to low-frequency, with the SoundRecover 2 feature.
SUPER improves speech recognition, in a diverse range of environments with varying degrees of background noise. This means people who experience severe to profound hearing loss may struggle to hear loud speech, even with amplification. Nitro is excellent for people who lead active lives, due to its long battery life and wireless connectivity. BrainHearing Technology provides the brain with a natural listening experience and improved speech understanding. Spatial Sense allows wearers to focus the sounds they want to hear, helping to situate them in any environment. Though it is a small, receiver-in-canal or behind-the-ear device, Naida V is 60% power robust in power function, with 62% more speech understanding in noise and over distance.
With a long battery life and weather resistant construction, SUPER is built for people on-the-go, whether in a restaurant or in the great outdoors. With directional microphones and a discreet design, Nitro addresses sounds with up to 82 dB gain and in lower frequencies as well. With a clearer sound picture, Oticon hearing aids support the brain by providing a clearer sound picture so it has to work less to make sense of audio signals.

With connectivity to smartphones and electronic devices, ENZO2 opens up accessibility to wearers in terms of communication and personalization. When coupled with Roger assistive listening options, the Naida V provides wearers with a wider sound picture.
SUPER gives wearers the flexibility to locate the origin of sounds in their environment, as well as wireless connectivity to smartphones and electronic devices to increase accessibility to sounds. Nitro is equipped with tinnitus therapy as well as a telecoil for wearers to loop into induction systems for more amplification.
All three, Dynamo, Sensei SP, and BTE Plus Power, are discreet, with great feedback control to protect sounds from whistles and buzzes.
Available in two power levels (High Power and Super Power), ENZO2 manages to fit many features into a tiny, discreet package. Phonak also offers a line of pediatric solutions for children with severe to profound hearing loss. The Sensei SP is specifically built as a pediatric hearing aid, to ensure that young people continue to develop healthy social and verbal skills. Other Siemens hearing aids, such as Insio (in-the-ear), treat severe to profound hearing loss as well.
BTE Plus Power is available in Alta2, Nera2, and Ria2, and is known for its small size and powerful performance.
Dynamo, Sensei SP, and BTE Plus Power are fully customizable to meet wearers specific needs, with personalized sound preferences.

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