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ENT for the PA-C, Apr 2012 Pediatric Hearing Loss and Testing Techniques Diego A Preciado MD PhD Pediatric Otolaryngology Childrens National Medical Center. ENT for the PA-C, Apr 2012 Conductive Loss Conductive loss (CHL) results from increase in impedance (resistance) Audiometric profile of conductive hearing loss is threshold for air conduction is worse than for bone conduction i.e. Helping to improve the lives of Children and Families through research, education, and support for Cockayne syndrome.

Each child has a similar look regardless of the type and each one has a loving, happy nature.
This organization uses the funds to support research as well as the families affected by the disorder. In the shorter term, doctors are hoping to find medications that can circulate in the bloodstream and then either improve functioning of the damaged cells or slow down the progression of the disease processes.

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