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Stone Tape neophyte John Doran reviews the brand new Peter Strickland BBC Radio 4 radio drama adaptation (at a play back in the freezing cold, pitch black crypt of a London church), while old hand Richard Augood heaps praise on the original blood-curdling TV play. It starts as a tremulous whine, before building to a terrified cry which culminates in a blood-curdling scream, ringing around the venue and rending the very soul of anyone in earshot: a€?HOW MUCH?
After finishing our pre-show drinks, my companion Mr Richard Augood and I head straight for the crypt of St Andrew Holborn where we are hoping the eveninga€™s untrammelled horror will continue apace. For radio producer & enthusiast group In The Dark have taken over the dank, freezing cold and pitch black cellar of this venerable church for a special playback, which is hopefully going to terrify us even more than the local drink prices. Tonight is the first airing of Peter Stricklanda€™s radio adaptation of the Nigel Kneale play The Stone Tape and the director has assembled something of a dream team to realise his vision including members of the occult, psychedelic, hauntological underground Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound, Current 93) and James Cargill (Broadcast) taking care of the sound design and music respectively. Also onboard is Life On Mars creator Matthew Graham on script writing duties and actors including Romola Garai as Jill, Julian Barratt as her overbearing and monomaniacal boss and Jane Asher, who played Jill in the original, as her mother.
The new version is set in 1979 and concerns a team of scientists setting up a laboratory in an abandoned Victorian mansion in order to try out their new a€?sonic mininga€? techniques.
It is when the scientists' gear is being tested that the audio of the show really comes into its own. For me, probably the unsung heroes of tonight are the Ampex tape operators and analog special effects people Steve Haywood and Raoul Brand, not to mention Eloise Whitmore who was responsible for the sound mix. The show has been recorded using pioneering sound development from the Beeba€™s very own audio R&D department in order to create a rich, 3D binaural immersive listen. And if all of this makes it sound like I really enjoyed the experience, thata€™s good because I did but it has to be said that it wasna€™t even vaguely frightening. Ia€™d go as far as saying Ia€™m not even sure how ita€™s possible to sit in the pitch black crypt of an old church surrounded by strangers and not be terrified but The Stone Tape didna€™t even raise a quiver and that might, unfortunately have been something to do with slightly flat acting and an even flatter script.
Ita€™s really reassuring that todaya€™s partially hamstrung BBC can still get amazing projects like this off the ground - this is exactly the sort of thing I pay my license fee, hoping to experience - and The Stone Tape comes highly recommended as it sounds utterly amazing. When the producers of the BBC documentary series, Omnibus commissioned a short film in 1968 called Whistle And Ia€™ll Come To You they had no idea what they were stumbling into. The MR James adaptation A Warning To The Curious, which went out on Christmas Eve 1972 was no different. The Stone Tape was commissioned from writer Nigel Kneale who already had a nightmare-generating reputation thanks to his famous Quatermass serials which had terrified viewers in the late 50s through to the early 60s. Always forward-looking, Kneale rejected the standard mist-and-gaslamps Victoriana approach and went for a far more contemporary piece; the playa€™s characters confronting the unknown with scientific proto-Thatcherite aggression.
The basis of the story is that an electronics company has taken possession of a derelict country house (by happy chance the externals were shot at the old home of Ada Lovelace a€“ the daughter of Byron and colleague of Charles Babbage a€“ who is generally considered to be the worlda€™s first computer programmer), and is in the process of turning it into new headquarters for its research and development department. It turns out that all is in order at the house, except in that cellar, earmarked for use as the research teama€™s data storage centre.
The scares, which come at regular intervals are simple and repetitive, but lose nothing for it. The most grimm of duos' latest release was put together with the almost impossibly pliable Ulver from Norway, whose music has travelled even wider, faster and further than their doom-obsessed American cousins throughout their now-twenty year tenure. The initial collaborative recording actually took place back in 2008, before Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions was complete, perhaps suggesting it may even have even started life a cutting room floor reject for Monoliths. A few minutes later the phone rang and, oddly, it was Frank, coincidentally ringing to sort out an interview.
His tales of Timperley - the Manchester suburb where Ian Brown and John Squire had lived in their youth - were brilliantly skewed piss-takes of the mundanity of the rainy day.
The bizarre tension when you confused the pair of them was something that unwitting journalists had often mentioned, and I wasna€™t the only one with this experience. He was referred to Tony Visconti, who would have done something but was too busy producing 'Ride A White Swan'.
He released loads of cassettes of his songs, and half of Manchestera€™s musicians passed through his ranks, including a very youthful Billy Duffy from his pre-Cult days, along with future members of Simply Red. Sievey did the publicity for Rabid records in Manchester; he was also produced by Martin Hannet very early on and did some artwork for John Cooper Clarke. His band, The Freshies, were perfect pop-punk whose sole semi hit 'I'm In Love With The Girl On A Certain Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk' got to number 54 in the charts in February 1981 and was lined up for a Top Of the Pops appearance. Sidebottom was always around, one of those off-the-wall characters that fitted in perfectly on TV shows, at gigs and in recent years touring with John Cooper Clarke, in one of those double bills of genius weirdness that are increasingly rare to find in world where fake comic "oooh Ia€™m a bit mad me" replaces genuine genius eccentricity. Two weeks ago Frank Sidebottom popped up at Bruce Mitchella€™s (Durutti Column drummer and real Manchester legend) 70th birthday party at the Manchester town hall. Forget the squeezed middle, most of the music we love at The Quietus is from the fucked bottom.
Earlier this year, trade body UK Music published Measuring Music 2015, a report into the contribution that artists, record labels, live events, festivals and so on make to our economy. With illegal consumption of music and the low revenues from streaming services still clobbering record sales, the music business is seeing an inequality that reflects wider society, with an increasing number of rich artists at the top, and everyone else struggling.
Over the past seven and a half years of The Quietus' existence we've seen some remarkable changes in the way music is purchased, distributed and consumed. This chart was voted for by Christian Eede, Sophie Coletta, Laurie Tuffrey, Luke Turner and John Doran. This simple technique recently discovered by scientists at leading medical universities is the best way to permanently silence the noise blaring inside your ears. Many of you will at some time or other have tried at least one form of complementary therapy, or alternative medicine, as a way of helping your tinnitus. Chinese medical ideas about the cause and treatment of tinnitus and other hearing disorders were developed many centuries ago.
The action begins with something of a meta-joke as the team are trying to record an advert for their new business over cosmic sounding analog synthesizer arpeggios, with one of the scientists complaining about how a€?production linea€? the music is, asking why they cana€™t have something classy instead like Holst. At one point, unable to cope any more, Jill screams: "It's horrible!" But it isn't, it's beautiful and no disrespect to the various actors from The Mighty Boosh, The Bill and Green Wing but the real stars tonight are the synths and tape recorders etc. Because this play is all about how it sounds and every other consideration seems to be secondary.
And if that makes you think of the old Radiophonic Workshop, then no doubt ita€™s meant to, given that they were responsible for the terrifying audio on the original show.
At one point in the stygian cellar, a chill went through my soul when I saw a looming demonic shadow in front of me, but it was merely the outline of distinguished film critic Kim Newman, shifting in his seat. The short, low-budget Jonathan Miller adaptation of an MR James story struck a major chord with the viewing public (and therea€™s no mystery as to why - it remains to this day, a stunning piece of film-making).
A disbeliever in the supernatural, Kneale always claimed it wasna€™t his intention to frighten viewers; that he just wanted to make them think.
And despite being made for seasonal broadcast, it refuses to cater to typical expectations or deal in standard tropes. Theya€™re looking into new methods of data storage to replace whirling reels of 2-inch magnetic tape.

While investigating the problems that have prevented the construction workers from doing the necessary renovation work in the room, computer programmer Jill Greeley (Jane Asher) hears and then sees an apparition of a Victorian housemaid. But then when he is visited by the ghostly housemaid himself he, ever the hustler, sees a greater opportunity and sets about bringing all his R&D teama€™s equipment and expertise to bear on finding an explanation.
A few footsteps and a womana€™s scream, distorted beyond all tolerance by the Radiophonic Workshop, are all it takes to scare the viewer witless.
They've become so far removed from those initial black metal origins - having taken in mid-60s rock revivalism, trip-hop, chamber music and ambient glitch along the way - that Ulver now bring with them only the expectation of the unexpected.
The tapes have since been built upon and rebuilt upon by Ulver, with occasional input from O'Malley, eventually taking shape as a trio of mid-length tracks: the lethargic overture of 'Let There Be Light', the super-slow-motion black metal of 'Western Horn', and the climactic mutilated industrial metal song, 'Eternal Return'. Mirages of Frank Herbert's barren Arrakas, or tragic Tarkovsky-esque wastelands easily swim across the foreground of the opening track. It's ostensibly a typically drone doom guitar and bass battle, with tinkles of O'Sullivan's Fender Rhodes, yet closer listening reveals some distant semblance of those weeping violins, pianos and mysterious synthetic sounds. Finally fully formed violin and viola lines meet the omnipresent bass drones and a synthesised marimba figure, while O'Malley's cinematic Pino Rucher guitar seems to harken the approach of some hooded, unnamed stranger.
The arrhythmic sluggish sprawl of those downtuned, feedbacking axes is still developing as a compositional tool, continuing to open up space for strings to scrape, brass to cry and keys to shower into. He seemed too surreal, too childlike, too cartoon strip to be bothered with tedious, boring stuff like dying.
Where Chris was full of funny stories from the fringes of the music scene, Frank was plain weird and hilarious, like a psychotic child running amok in showbiz and using his humour to tear apart the stupidity of that world that had snubbed him for so long. I was once in a TV studio and watched him do this utterly mental, but utterly brilliant, musical set in Timperley with a pick up band of lunatics in cheap suits. Altrincham obviously wasna€™t big enough for the pair of them, or maybe they were the same person. In 1969, as a 14 year old, he travelled to London and wandered into Apple records busking his songs to the later day Beatles.
Not disappointed, Sievey returned to Manchester, where he set up his own indie label way before anyone else had thought about doing that kind of thing.
He was already a key figure on the fringes of the scene, with his wild imagination and brilliant pop mind just too far ahead of everyone else plodding along in his wake. Sievey was denied his dream opportunity when there was a BBC technicians strike - the story of his life. He looked as fresh faced as ever with those big round eyes, showing little sign of the cruel disease. It revealed that the British music industry makes a A?4.1 billion contribution every year, with both exports and revenue from live music rising 17%. If the larger of the independent labels and moderately-successful artists who the Quietus covers are, to borrow from Ed Milliband, the "squeezed middle", then everyone else is pretty much the 'fucked bottom'.
Aside from grime's impact across the Atlantic, it increasingly feels as if the gap between underground and mainstream is opening ever further. If there's a motto or a theme to this list then I suppose it's that 2015 has really felt as if there's an increasingly committed, angry, politicised and determined yet disparate group of musicians, artists, record label staff, live promoters, PR people, filmmakers and music fans determined not to let the prevailing hurricanes bowl them over. The biggest lie about natural remedies exposed The science behind cannabinoids is clear: marijuana. Ginkgo biloba has been touted as a natural tinnitus remedy, though controlled studies to date have not shown it to be effective.
The knock on effect was that at Christmas, every year between 1971 and 1978, the BBC broadcast an unsettling ghost story to the nation. At synopsis level, The Stone Tape could be said to have similar aims, but the finished article is so relentless in its piling up of terror upon terror that his claim starts to look a little disingenuous.
It doesna€™t sound like the most immediately engaging idea for a thrilling exploration of the supernatural, but this isna€™t just randomly chosen window dressing, rather the essence of the play itself.
Eventually Brock realises that what theya€™ve found in the data storage room is precisely what theya€™ve been looking for a€“ a new mechanism for data storage.
Obsessive and acquisitive he is, along with the Ferrises of Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?
Well, that and the half of Grumbling Fur known as Daniel O'Sullivan (who has previously played in Sunn O)))'s live line-up, played with Ulver's Krystoffer Rygg and O'Malley in A†thenor, and is indeed an active current member of Ulver). However as the title suggests, 'Let There Be Light' could just as easily represent a languid, celestial act of birth and creation, or the sight of a slow rising new sun. It's the same symphonic meticulousness that's made both Ulver's genre-jumping excursions and Sunn O)))'s very hardest core of drone so long-lasting. Most striking, is the second half wherein an actual song plays out - with a Kristoffer Rygg lyric musing on the holy land, the Nile, the Red Sea - all built on the same almost-cyclical, near-palindromic patterns that make up the Sunn O))) back catalogue, yet this time played out with piano and strings. Those Sunn O))) long-hairs are finally following their bliss out the other side of the abyss they entered via that gaping tunnel on Monoliths & Dimensions' cover, and the able hands and sly smiles of Ulver, Rygg and O'Sullivan greet them with signature erudite adaptability across Terrestrials' note-perfect 35-minute brevity. But it's true: Frank is no more because his creator Chris Sievey died of complications caused by cancer on June 21st. I interviewed the pair of them on the phone for The North Will Rise Again, my oral history of Manchester book, and after about an hour of brilliant stuff from Chris I asked him about Frank, figuring he must know something about the nasally comic genius.
George Harrison loved the songs, but nothing happened as the Beatles were in meltdown at the time. In pop, though, there are no awards for being great or first, and Sievey was eternally frustrated. Classic melodic pop-punk, the kind of stuff that sells millions these days but, back then, was too pop for punk and too punk for pop. To be honest, Frank had remained unchanged since he burst onto the showbiz scene a quarter of century ago. Last month, Adele broke records all over the world as 25 became the fastest-selling UK album of all time, and shifted 3.8 million copies in the US in the first week of release. I doubt very many people responsible for The Quietus' albums of the year 2015 are able to make a living from what they do (though one imagines Enya isn't too troubled if her castle requires a new roof) yet still they keep fighting on. I mean, surely the BBC fell asleep while compiling their unfathomably boring list of artists who'll be soundtracking the nation's shoe shops in 2016?
From gig to dancefloor and at festival after festival (from Raw Power in Tufnell Park to CTM in Berlin and Siberia to the fields of Supernormal to the streets of Cairo, Tilburg for Incubate and Krakow at Unsound) we at tQHQ were all struck by how the world is packed with musical communities that are thriving and, what's more, wanting to grow. Alternative Therapies for Tinnitus, Alternative medicine for tinnitus, complementary medicine for tinnitus, integrative medicine for tinnitus. Buoyed by the extraordinary success of Whistlea€¦, the first clutch of films in the series were also MR James adaptations.
The following day, straight after the Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special had finished on BBC1, BBC2 broadcast the single scariest play the corporation ever made. Also, the BBCa€™s choice of Hammer veteran Pete Sasdy as director wona€™t have been calculated to make the production child-friendly.

What theya€™ve seen is no lost soul seeking rest but some sort of recording of events, stored in the fabric of the room itself.
Conversations, especially exposition, compete with one another for attention, drawing the viewer in and demanding total concentration, while Brocka€™s increasingly demented attempts to trigger and then master the phenomenon were famously effective.
So while this disc undoubtedly comes already encumbered with suppositions of becloaked Scandinavian gloom and rectum-loosening doom drone, Terrestrials should first be seen as a meeting of chameleonic polyglots, and the result is most unexpectedly beautiful and luminescent.
As Anderson fires out a familiarly perplexing and cyclical chord sequence of droning bass feedback, the distorted guitar loops begin to take on the stammering jangle of tremolo picking, like some isolated channel from a Darkthrone cut. The song defies deconstruction, as with Grumbling Fur's own amorphous coda from Glynnaestra, 'His Moody Face', or the depths of Neurosis' most drawn out vocal tracks. The trajectories of these musicians are all following the same path, gradually advancing from the rancid nightmares and into these waking dreams; dreams that linger long into the light of day.
What's frustrating is that this all means the mainstream media is focussing on an increasingly narrow range of artists. These are, mercifully, not times for parochialism, indie mithering, and wanting to stay in easy, cosseted scenes. However, some alternative therapies that have been tried for tinnitus include: There is also a homeopathic treatment for tinnitus that has been widely marketed recently.
But in trying to unlock the secret of the recording, Brock damages and reconfigures it, leading to a climax even more frightening and disturbing that whata€™s gone before.
It was a gamble to create a mood piece that relied so much on sound for its power in a time when televisions had such puny sound capabilities.
A manipulative borderline psychopath he is every bit as monstrous as anything lurking in the data storage room. Gradually, the scraping of strings, very nearly almost out of earshot, joins him and an uncharacteristically effervescent O'Malley guitar loop enters. The piece reaches its summit, ultimately receding towards dissonance before inverting and collapsing in on itself like the cosmological big crunch that inevitably shall follow all.
UK Musica€™s Measuring Music is extremely useful in describing the economic impact of commercial music." Reading the above, perception might well be that everything is all chocolate boxes and roses, or 'flowers and candles' to use the old music business euphemism for hiding drugs on expenses. It's so much harder for anything to break through unless it's part of a recongnisable, pre-existing trend. The underground is having an absolutely rude and ribald time of it at the moment, and this list reflects that. The product is known as Quietus (not to be confused with the suicide drug from the excellent movie, Children of Men).
It's the cold of autumn, the season of rot and decay, highlighted by the muted colour palette in use throughout.
A lone trumpet lets out a resolute, hopelessly heroic bugle, and the crescendo stirs to life.
As if discovering a long lost man frozen in ice, then noticing him adorned with corpse paint, and clutching an overused copy of Xasthur's Nocturnal Poisoning in his cold hands. It might be tempting to sneer at the collapse of NME into a free mag that now has a build 'em up and knock 'em down hype page devoted to things like Berocca vitamin pills and coffee machines, but even in its dying days it had a function in bringing leftfield artists to a wider audience. These are a number of the efficient tinnitus dwelling cures which can aid you in overcoming ringing within the ears with none unwanted effects or after effects. The only concession to the festivities is a plaintive letter found early on in a chilly cellar nobody dares go near. After eight minutes of plodding high-end upward motion, Greg Anderson's explosive first bass strike hits, along with the clutter of drums and a brass-led upsurge, very much the cousin to Monoliths' tribute to Mrs Coltrane and opus, 'Alice'. You might well have noticed that we at The Quietus started asking for donations from those who want to support what we do, and help us pay our writers. To stop the ringing sound in your ears, mix 1 teaspoon each of glycerin and salt with 1 pint of. Tinnitus is also a prime symptom of Meniere’s disease, an inner-ear disorder marked by loss of equilibrium. It is a supplication from an Edwardian child to some undefined horror, pleading, a€?What I want for Christmas is please go away.a€? Ho ho ho, everybody.
And when blasted out of modern TV equipment the viewer is left as desperate for respite as the frazzled and bewildered research team. We are part of that fucked bottom too, which is why if you feel inspired by our list of the finest albums released in the United Kingdom and beyond, we'd urge you to purchase them either from the Norman Records link helpfully provided, or via your local independent record shop.
Conventional medicine has no cure; however, there are certain holistic and natural treatments for tinnitus, as well as home remedies, that can alleviate its effects, making it easier to hear. Hufford serves on the editorial boards of several journals, including Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine and Explore. Thoughts like this might naturally lead to feelings of annoyance, depression, anxiety or anger. Fuck Culture Secretary John Whittingdale MP and fuck Status Quo - the value of music to our nation cannot be measured in money but instead the pounding of our bursting souls. Tinnitus (pronounced TINN-ih-tus by most physicians, although others pronounce it ti-NIGHT-us) is the. So i’m driving home and listening to the radio, and an ad for this medicine, Quietus came on, they claimed to reduce any ear. Tinnitus treatment at home with alternative home remedies Tinnitus (Hyperacusis) is characte. It plays a key role in improving blood circulation, which in turn improves the ear functioning and reduces ringing sensations. Home remedies for treating tinnitus include consumption of multi-nutrient rich diet with low sodium content, yoga, acupuncture and usage of ear plugs or ear muffs. Furthermore music therapy, foot baths, usage of garlic, turpentine, warm salt pillow, mustard seed powder, walnuts and ginger may also bring holistic relief in tinnitus. And how about all these products: Ring Relief, Ring Stop, Ring Zen, Tinnifree, Tinnitivix and Quietus.
Hyperacusis is an over-sensitivity to certain sound frequencies and often occurs in combination with tinnitus.
Quietus is designed to treat tinnitus, a hearing impairment characterized by ringing and buzzing inside the ears.

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