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Add to EJ Playlist  Another quilled flower tutorial for all my lovely viewers who are into quilling combing. Due to many requests from many fans we present here Beehive Flower made out from paper quilling. Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.
During the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns and monks used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items. In the 18th century, quilling became popular in Europe where gentle ladies of quality ("ladies of leisure") practiced the art. Many quilled art works can be found on cabinets and stands, cribbage boards, ladies' purses, a wide range of both pictures and frames, work baskets, tea caddies, coats of arms and wine coasters. The craft has gone through many transformations and changes through the ages using new techniques, styles and materials.
Today, quilling is seeing a resurgence in popularity with quillers (people who practice the art of quilling) on every continent and in every walk of life.

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a 3D quilling Swan sculpture this model is made from white paper (160 grams) .
Quilling is a very beautiful art form through which people from all over the world can make beautiful little flowers, splendid greeting cards, photo frames, trinkets, jewelry, or other presents for their loved ones.
You can put quilled shapes together to make 2D pictures, three-dimension al flowers & characters, jewellery pieces and more. The process for making your quilled paper into pendants or earrings is simple & looks spectacular when worn with a pretty dress. First time for me to use quilled sunflowers as decoration on card and making pop up sunflowers inside the card.
The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greetings cards, pictures, boxes, eggs, and to make models, jewellery, mobiles etc. It was one of the few things ladies could do that was thought not too taxing for their minds or gentle dispositions. No longer confined to the "upper classes", this is a peoples art form and the beauty of the art is always expanding.

Quilling was also combined or married with other techniques such as embroidery and painting. It is used to decorate wedding invitations, for Christmas, birth announcements, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and boxes. Reimagine education, online mar probably n reimagine education, online essay paper assortment.
Quilling can be found in art galleries in Europe and in the United States and is an art that is practiced around the world.

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