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While these are not necessarily home remedies, hypnosis and acupuncture can be provided in the home. It involves phantom ear sounds or a ringing in the ears that is not caused by any external source. Rather than turn to surgery or medication, these alternative forms of treatment have had promising results for many individuals who have suffered from tinnitus. When it is time for bed, consider playing soft music or the sounds ocean waves, the wind, or rain to provide a steady distraction. Blood flow becomes stronger, which can then add more pressure to the delicate system of hearing. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is another approach that is showing positive results in some cases. During the day, it may be helpful to wear headphones with the same type of sounds or even radio static on low volume. Clinical trials may be available to be part of a study for this treatment option and others. It could accompany hearing loss that occurs with age or after one’s hearing has been damaged by chronic exposure to loud noises.

If stress is a major problem in life, seek help to learn how to handle challenges in order to avoid further damage to health or increased bouts of tinnitus.
A head injury that involves the ears could also cause a buzzing in the ears that will not go away. Masking devices, similar to hearing aids, create low-level, background noise that may be helpful. Simple solutions such as addressing a circulatory condition or removing ear wax may be the answer as well. However, there are home remedies that can assist a person in quieting this bothersome ringing. It is simply a matter of trial and error, finding the best course of action to eliminate that aggravating ringing in the ears.

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