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He manhandled me in rehearsals from the start, pushing me, whacking my stomach, bending my arms roughly. One day, Maks was trying to put me in a certain position and hit my stomach so hard with his open palm that I had a red handprint there for the rest of the day.
Maks and I were teamed with Ricki Lake and Derek Hough and Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke.

We had fun together, and I enjoyed working with someone who kept things light; but our playfulness seemed to irritate Maks. Adrian had seen his mother abused when he was a child, and men being physically violent with women was something he couldn’t tolerate.
Late on a Friday night, he was getting angrier and angrier about one particular move that I was struggling with.

I had just been hit, and I had been worried about how I would come off looking on television.

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