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That's what this animation delivers and can help you explain how far the jaw can move sideways, how poor restorations might allow the other front teeth to slam together in crossover and thus another factor you consider in making your restorations.
We heard from some of you that the current version of the "Lack of Canine Guidance with PDL" animation, shown below, didn't make it clear enough that the gum had receded.
The new version makes the contours of the gum clearer so it is more obvious that the gum has receded around the tooth. Thanks to Stu Harman for picking up these concerns in some of his QuickStart coaching sessions.
In  this revision we made the side views show the whole jaw and introduced wear on the rear molars - enhancements requested by Dr.
Minister Peiris is undertaking an official visit to the Czech Republic at the invitation of Minister Karel Schwarzenberg. Minister Schwarzenberg thanked Minister Peiris for accepting his invitation to visit the Czech Republic, and recalled warmly his own visit to Sri Lanka over forty years ago. The high-level visit by Minister Peiris takes place at an opportune moment against the background of impressive economic progress in the country.

Protection and Promotion Agreement during Minister Pieris’ visit was a welcome development.
Minister Peiris thanked the Czech side for its warm hospitality, and outlined the post-conflict progress in Sri Lanka, including the restoration of peace and security, resettlement of IDP’s, rehabilitation of ex-combatants, demining, and the renewal of the democratic mandate of the Government at local, provincial and national levels.
Simultaneously Sri Lanka was engaged in an extensive programme of reconstruction and infrastructure development in order to enhance future economic development and growth.
Both Ministers agreed that it was an opportune moment to renew the process of political consultations between the two countries. Minister Peiris also met with the First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic, Jiri Sedivy at the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic. Minister Peiris informed the Czech Minister about the challenges still posed internationally by the remnants of the LTTE including in Europe. Minister Sedivy appreciated the briefing by Minister Peiris on the important process of reconciliation that Sri Lanka had initiated, as well as the overview of the ongoing political talks with a view to arriving at a long-term negotiated solution.
The two sides ended their discussion with an exchange of views on current conflict situations in the world.

Mike Melkers, who will be presenting on the BiteFX Insiders' Secrets and Tips Webinar next month, asked that we extend the canine guidance animation to show the lower canine moving outside the upper canine. It was agreed that Deputy Foreign Minister level consultations would be held in June this year.
Minister Sedivy welcomed the end of terrorism in Sri Lanka, and was of the view that both Sri Lanka and the Czech Republic had successfully managed major internal transformations in recent years. Peiris met with his Czech counterpart Karel Schwarzenberg, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague on 28th March.

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