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If there is any problem with your Xbox 360, then the LEDs in the red ring of light will flash in specific patterns to give you insights into what the problem really is. You can still play games on your Xbox 360 without a hard drive, but you will not be able to install any downloadable content or save games until you replace your hard drive.
However, before you replace your hard drive, here are a few things that you can do to make sure that you really need to buy a new one. To do this, you need to go into your system settings, select memory, and then select the hard disk symbol. To do this, press and hold the sync up button when your console is switched off; it is a small white button. If the E79 error code still appears on your screen despite all the steps outlined above, then you need to replace your Xbox 360’s hard drive with a working model. Yes you can get a static charge from walking across the carpet and sometimes it can blow out memory chips and processors etc rare but can happen. Again i seem to think it was the type solder microsoft used while solderin the processor to the board had lead in it and eventually became brital and the joints didnt hold up to heat so it is microsofts problem to fix them all no one should accept responsibility for fixing there defect anyways microsoft should have to cover all repairs regardless.!!!!! She is far from hot and youre abunch of kids sitting in your rooms acting like you are electronics experts. First of I am a Electronics person it is what I do for a living.First off it is Microsofts Fault.
Wow Liquid Cooling Wouldnt that be an exciting new feature for a standard game machine of todays age.

Some hardware failures also lead to secondary error codes or E-Codes to the displayed on the screen.
If you have installed any memory units in your Xbox 360, then remove it before you proceed to the next step. Once you are in the hard disk menu, you need to press these buttons in sequence: X X Left Right X X. I took it appart found a fan already on the board and i tied into to that fan and soldered added a fan to it and fastened it to the processor heat sink so it cools it and wont overheat the solder joints and or processor.
With a mini Air conditioner closed system that was small enough to put in there new system they just came out with. It looks like all she did was take it apart and put it back together with new thermal paste and different nuts and bolts.
If you have the E79 error code flash on your screen, then your Xbox 360 has either a corrupter file system or a hard drive problem that needs to be fixed. If you are console is lying down, then the hard drive will be placed on the left hand side of your console.
A message will pop up asking you whether you want to perform system maintenance on your storage devices.
Hence, it’s better that you take your Xbox 360 to a service center if it is still under warranty. However, in case the same Xbox 360 red ring E79 error code problem happens, then your Xbox 360 hard drive has become corrupted and is no longer working.

The console would’ve automatically cleared any failed system updates during the boot process.
All there is to the first Gen Xbox is 2 basic fans that sit inches away from the aluminum heat sinks.
Very poor cooling Design has nice wind tunnel like them dell machines but the plain and simple fact it dosnt keep it as cool as it should be and when its not as cool as it should be it melts the thermal paste inbetween the processor and the heat sink. The thermal paste is responsible for transfering the heat from the processor chip to the heat sink block. Result 1, And if it heats up long enough probably result in blowing the processor chip or melting the solder connections.from overheating and the Xclamp. Also Everyone In my family that has had a Xbox has had them Go up on them in a matter over a year to three years. Just think if it was designed properly there would not* correction be an overheating issue and the machine would last a life time.

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