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For both men and women, putting on nice clothes and tending to our appearance and presentation is a way to make us shine.
Suppose I were to find a nice specimen from Dayo that he would be willing to donate to a worthy cause.
Certainly with the right sort of rubbing, I can make Dayo’s turd sparkle, like the one in the picture above. Another common way is to hang out with people who have status or who make us laugh but who are basically directionless, like a ship without a rudder, or who are actively going in a different way than we are.
Need help healing relationships, solving problems, making decisions, discovering your life purpose?
It’s good to be clean and sparkle in body, appearance, and beyond that, in our thoughts and in our heart. We can spend too much money on status symbols that we think make us sparkle to others – cool computers, nice cars, sumptuous homes, and trophy spouses. My dog Dayo produces high-quality examples on a regular basis, for all to see and smell, so we can use one of his for this example.

We humans often try to polish our words to make them sparkle instead of just being OK with ourselves. We are making our life temporarily sparkle in the reflected glow of this beautiful, powerful, or talented person who, once you take a closer look is…something of a turd. They come with their own metal cleaning cloths and they rub around on them to make themselves sparkle.
I only succeed in rubbing the shit off on me and removing whatever sheen, smoothness, or reflectivity the turd originally possessed. The result is an overdone, phony, plastic presentation that makes other people wonder what we are hiding.
Unfortunately, the result rubs off on us, the consumers of their pronouncements and decisions. I am reminded of Christopher Hitchens, a truly sparkling essayist, who wasted a great deal of talent and ink defending the indefensible invasion of Iraq by the US. It is a case of leaving well enough alone, of not trying to perfect what is already itself, for better or for worse.

The sparkling effect of alcohol decreases with quantity until finally, our behavior descends into something that might even make a turd blush.  If we look at our lives from this perspective, we might find a lot of ways in which we are polishing turds, like eating gourmet food at expensive restaurants that makes us sparkle.
We can even spend too much time generating a sparkling heart, as we do with the wonder of romantic love or desiring mystical experiences. The more we polish, the more likely we are to convince them that yes, since we clearly think we are turds that need polishing, they should treat us like turds. Just as night follows day, an obsession with love and states of union with the beloved generates “Dark Nights of the Soul,” experiences of alienation, emptiness, and meaninglessness.

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