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Hearing Loss in ChildrenHearing loss comes in different forms – some children have a mild hearing loss that can be overcome with hearing aids. In order to understand hearing loss, it helps to have a general understanding of the parts of the ear and how sound is transmitted to the brain.
A conductive hearing loss can occur when there is a problem in the outer or the middle ear. A sensorineural hearing loss occurs when there is a problem in the cochlea that prevents the sound from getting from the middle ear to the brain. Inherited hearing loss (if it is recessive, then the child may have no other family members who are deaf). A mixed hearing loss occurs when there are two problems: one in the outer or middle ear and one in the inner ear or eighth nerve. The Hearing House is a subsidiary of The Cochlear Implant Foundation of New Zealand CC10806. This is a snail shaped cavity filled with three little tubes which are separated by membranous walls and contain fluid.

This problem blocks the path of the sound, which prevents it from travelling to the inner ear. An example of this would be if there is a congenital sensorineural hearing loss and a middle ear infection. The banana shape indicates all the speech sounds when they’re spoken at normal conversational volume. This type of hearing loss is often medically or surgically treatable and little residual hearing impairment will remain.
In this case, once the fluid cleared, you would have only a sensorineural hearing loss remaining. They are so small that you can place all three of them on a five cent piece without touching, and they will not hang over the edge. One of the membranes is called the Basilar Membrane, which has lots of little hair cells attached to it. When your hearing thresholds are plotted, the speech and environmental sounds that fall below the line are audible while sounds above the line cannot be heard.

When stimulated, these hair cells communicate with the Auditory nerve (the 8th cranial nerve).
The motion of the oval window causes a pressure wave to move through the fluid of the inner ear.
If your hearing falls into the severe to profound loss area at the bottom of the graph, then you may not be able to hear all conversational sounds even with strong hearing aids. This movement of the cells results in the release of neurotransmitter, a chemical signal that stimulates the hearing nerve. This sends an electrical impulse which travels up the nerve to the brain, where it is perceived as sound.

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