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We have more than 20000 silver master models for retail, and 300-500 models will be added monthly. Our cover star is this Neon Leather Collar by Candy Chappill, which uses copper clay to create stylish components.
Clair Wolfe also made a collar, and has been inspired by the tribal jewellery that is rearing its head at the moment. If sewing is your thing, then you are surely a little obsessed with soutache by now (we are!) Take a look at these colourful earrings by Agata Stankiewicz, which are surprisingly simple to make.
Unless otherwise stated, all content is © Copyright 2012 GMC Publications LTD or licensed for use by GMC Publications. Make your own unique, colourful bangles and rings in our resin jewellery making workshop with Nadine! Learn about working with and mixing resin, using colour pigments, adding touches like glitters and powders, using moulds, pouring resin, finishing and polishing your pieces.

About 100-200 new jewelry designs are added monthly, which we can provide you 3D file, silver model, rubber mold and wax model,etc. The theme is 'fashion focus' and we asked all our designers to create pieces of jewellery inspired by the Spring 2014 catwalks.
She used a bead loom to create the individual strips and shows you how to sew them together to create this showstopping piece.
This Keris Trident Necklace is formed with patinated copper and, once more, has been inspired by tribal elements that are hitting the catwalk. Alison Gallant shows you how to make a polymer clay bangle uses the exact shades of Pantone's trendiest colours for the season. If you’ve ever been curious about how resin jewellery is made this is the perfect workshop. She creates handmade jewellery using polymer clay, resin and rope for her label Own Sweet Time.

Also, we can make CAD design and silver model, rubber mold or wax model according to customer’s requirements.Just tell us what you need, we make it all happen! She left her mind-numbing corporate job in HR & Training a few years ago to unleash her creative side.
She wants to combine her love for polymer clay and previous training experience to bring you a practical, hands-on workshop that will get you excited to continue creating at home!

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