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Silicone material features an air-bubble tip to create an exceptionally comfortable and reusable solution. Available with or without a glossy orange cord that helps remind workers to wear their ear plugs. If you haven't tried SilentEar, you haven't tried the best.SilentEar (NRR 32) is the Highest Rated Reusable Ear Plug currently made anywhere in the world! If you don't like your SilentEar Ear Plugs for any reason, just send them back and we will refund your money! Contact our customer service department via telephone at (918) 478-5500 or email to request a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number, then mail back the SilentEar ear plugs you purchased from us, and we will issue a refund equal to the purchase price you were charged for them, not including shipping. Patented structure consisting of a durable outer shell of soft, yet tough silicone rubber, filled with sound-deadening silicone gel inside gives SilentEar the highest rating of any reusable earplug in the world today (NRR 32)!
Low-profile fit with clear flanges lets you remain inconspicuous while wearing your SilentEar ear plugs in public. With proper care, SilentEar can last for many months of daily use, making SilentEar an economical alternative to most other ear plug choices.
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Tasco RD-1 pre-molded reusable ear plugs stand out from other no-roll reusable ear plugs because they have an unusually long central stem. A long-wearing, multi-use earplug with a triple-flanged design and an air bubble tip that provides exceptional long-term comfort.

SilentEar reusable ear plugs fit well into the ear and block all frequencies, making these ear plugs the ideal choice for helmet wear, for sleeping, and for general noise protection. This extra long tab allows for simple push-in insertion and quick and easy removal every time. Soft silicone material is easy to clean, which helps extend your hearing-protection budget. To help you get the right fit we offer a two-pair trial pack with both the average and small sizes included.
To make things even easier, these ear plugs come complete with an inserter, which makes it even easier to safely seat each ear plug within the ear canal.Like other no-roll ear plugs, Tasco RD-1 plugs are a hygienically sound choice, as you never have to touch the part of the ear plug that goes in your ears with your hands -- you can just simply handle the plugs by the stem.
If you have not tried SilentEar ear plugs before, we highly recommend that you consider buying the trial pack, and we have discounted the price to encourage you to do so. I have very small ear canals, apparently, because almost every ear plug and ear piece (ie on a headset) is too big.
When I called Ear Plug Store to return them, the rep I spoke with said that the fit also depends on whether your ear canal is flat or round. I bought these a couple of years ago when they were offered in small, medium and large sizes. I was wary because they are rated 32 and I have some disposables that are 33 but the difference between these and the disposables is that they do not lose their noise reduction.
The next morning after my first use both ears were aching slightly and both were blocked up.

The last time I bought them from you, you no longer carried the large size so I got a set of average. They are too small and the nipples grind into my ear when I push them in far enough to get a good seal. I am ready for another pair and stopped by to see if you had large now, but see that you do not.
They are about the same as the 3M disposables that I use daily (and don't have to pay for). It didn't really seal, and it was perhaps too long, since it hit the back of my ear canal and hurt. I applied the product as instructed and it doesn't block the sound, just barely muffles it.
I can wear the small ones while sleeping and they stay in but don't completely block out noise because of gaps (which is ok because it is enough), as well as at clubs where I still want to hear some music coming in (and what is also neat is these plugs can rest in my ears without being fully inside and stay in my ears while dancing!) But if I want to cut out the most noise, I have to use the bigger ones and they are too big, causing my ears to hurt after 20-30 minutes. I ride my motorcycle with the big ones to block out as much noise as possible, and I'm just hoping my ears stretch out a bit over time (so far no).

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