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Ring has just announced that its Video Doorbell is now available for pre-order for $199, a discounted price from the normal $249 MSRP. The camera can record even at night thanks to IR LEDs and captures video feeds at 720p HD with 30 fps. In addition to serving as a video telecom system for your front door, Ring can also serve as a front-door security camera that activates whenever it senses motion in front of your home. According to TechCrunch, Ring is a rebranded and security-focused version of the Doorbot connected doorbell. Would you feel safer being able to see and talk to whomever is standing on your front porch without having to even open your door?
DoorBot is a Wifi enabled video doorbell that allows you to see and speak with visitors through your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

DoorBot can operate wirelessly on the internal battery for over a year before needing another charge. Have your DoorBot mounted and synced in minutes without any professional help, or additional tools. DoorBot is outdoor approved and built to withstand humidity, rain, sleet, snow, ice, and extreme heat. There’s no limit to the number of smartphones and tablets you can connect to DoorBot.
DoorBot’s adjustable camera allows you to position the lens to fit your particular configuration. The Ring Video Doorbell combines motion-activated sensors, noise canceling speakers, a microphone, 720p HD video camera, and connectivity with either an Android or iOS device.

Quick video clips can be recorded and stored to the cloud, which would require an additional cloud-based subscription fee that will be announced at a later date. With DoorBot’s built-in night vision, you can rely on clear audio and video quality around the clock.
Thanks to the sensors and the camera, Ring will let you see who's at your door, even when you're away thanks to streaming the video and audio feed over the Internet. You don't need some lousy text telling you how to work the interwebs, you INVENTED the interwebs!

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