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Nostalgia presents this fine album of well-loved Christmas songs as sung by the mighty Ray Conniff. This album shows how well-loved carols can work in a medley with other more-traditional carols.
Ray Conniff is a great American singer with plenty of experience singing in many different styles. We Wish You a Merry Christmas is packed with traditional holiday tunes that Conniff and his (25) Singers wove into a series of medleys.

The playlist offset the apparent bias towards non-jazz carols, like The Twelve Days Of Christmas, by showcasing the talented Ray Conniff and his rendition of modern carol-standards like Let It Snow!
His recorded output is considerable and he has achieved considerable fame in many different countries across America and around the world. This album has a retro studio sound, which, upon listening, may conjure up images of Lawrence Welk singers strolling the stage, dressed in matching holiday garb. Sometimes melodramatic (“Ring Christmas Bells”), other times, bright and exuberant (“Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!”), it’s good, clean fun for the whole family and a solid addition to any Christmas catalog.

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