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Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ, TMJD, TMD or TMJ syndrome) is inflammation of the connection of the jaw in front of the ear that causes pain. TMJ can be created or worsened by getting hit in the jaw, sleeping on the jaw, repetitive jaw movements, gum chewing, excessive talking and arthritis. Jaw pain, migraines, headaches ear-aches, locking and popping sounds when opening your jaw…these are the commonly associated symptoms of a TMJ disorder, commonly referred to as TMD.
At Australia Fair Dental Care in Southport, our dentists can provide effective treatment of TMD to help reduce and even eliminate these uncomfortable symptoms for good. Both physical and emotional stress can lead to TMD, but is not usually the root cause; however the body’s reaction to stress can be. When the TMJ is not in alignment (usually caused by a severe malocclusion such as an overbite, cross bite or under bite) it puts immense pressure on the jaw joints which can cause muscles in the back and neck to become overworked, resulting in pain or discomfort. At Australia Fair Dental Care on the Gold Coast we are able to diagnose and treat TMD to help relieve you of your symptoms.
This treatment focuses on correcting the misalignment of your jaw, which is often the leading cause for TMD. During your examination we conduct a full mouth examination to determine whether your symptoms related to your temporomandibular joint and if so, which type of treatment may be the best solution for you.

Decrease compression: Wearing your night guard over a designated period of time can decrease compression on the pain sensitive tissues to decrease pain, improve circulation and muscle relaxation.
Protection: Studies have found that up to 95% of the population clenches or grinds their teeth knowingly or subconsciously. A night guard can protect your teeth, supporting bone and periodontal structures.  The pressure and weight on your teeth is one of the major causes of tooth pain, tooth splintering and tooth loss. To discover more about the TMD treatment we provide at Australia Fair Dental Care, or to arrange an appointment with one of our highly experienced team, please contact us.
Dental disease can also contribute to TMJ including gum disease, cavities, and previous oral surgery like wisdom teeth removal. For instance, anything from a blow to the jaw during a sporting activity to repetitive overuse, such as chewing gum excessively or chewing on one side of the mouth too often, may cause TMD.
For example, when your body undergoes psychological stress, you may find you unconsciously clench your teeth.
When a muscle isn’t functioning properly, other muscles will begin to compensate to allow for proper movement. By using treatments such as dental appliances to move your bite to its correct positioning, we can realign your jaw joints for enhanced facial harmony.

We have found that many of our patients prescribed with a night guard, commonly known as a splint, have seen a dramatic reduction in TMD related symptoms.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Ringng In Ear Sore Throat Headaches interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Since these muscles are not designed to be used in this way, it can result in headaches, migraines and neck pain. To alleviate the pain and discomfort, the jaw and joint needs to be brought into alignment.
When a person is clenching or grinding their teeth they can exert unnecessary pressure onto their teeth and jaws. Oral appliances cannot only act as a behavioural reminder they can also be designed to take advantage of the body’s natural ability to inhibit jaw muscle contraction.

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