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Sign up for free from our main website, no strings attached, no billing information needed. Falls and fall-related injuries, such as hip fracture, can have a serious impact on an older person's life.
More than one-third of adults ages 65 years and older fall each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Labyrinthitis – Inflammation of the vestibular system, the part of the inner ear responsible for balance.
Certain specific exercises help make up for a balance disorder by moving the head and body in certain ways. Scientists estimate that the human body is home to more than 750 trillion bacteria, and most of them exist in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
Some probiotics come in capsule form while others are in powder or liquid form and need to be kept refrigerated.
To continue on a healthy aging path, consult your doctor before taking any probiotics as they may interfere with some medications.
Hearing loss is a very common medical condition, believed to affect more than 28 million Americans. Animal studies have already shown that intake of antioxidant vitamins along with magnesium can protect against hearing loss.
Data on hearing thresholds was assessed from over 2500 participants aged 20 to 69 years from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Similarly, studies have shown that a lack of folic acid, a B vitamin, is linked to susceptibility to age-related hearing problems.
Sensori-neural hearing loss (SSNHL) is another type of hearing loss - one that can happen suddenly, without warning.
Some doctors prescribe Niacin, another B vitamin which seems to improve blood circulation to the inner ear, to treat SSNHL.
Blackberry is another superberry, known to be heart friendly by reducing oxidative stress and keeping the entire cardiovascular system at its best.

These amazing superberries include: Black Cherry, Black Raspberry, Cabbage Palm (acai), Blackberry, Black Currants, Blueberry, Cranberry, Lycium (goji berry), Acerola, and Bilberries. To maintain your body's position, the labyrinth interacts with other systems in the body, such as the eyes, bones and joints. These exercises are developed especially for a patient by a professional who understands the balance system and its relationship with other systems in the body.
They are essential for the digestion of food, neutralizing hormones and supporting the body’s immune system. They not only treat the virus that they are prescribed for, but also lay waste to the bacteria in our digestive tract. If you lack sufficient digestive enzymes, a probiotic with a high count of bacteria can be taken to rectify the situation.
Yoghurt, miso and soy drinks all contain live cultures that can improve digestive or intestinal problems. Follow the instructions and never expose probiotics to heat or processing or they will be damaged or killed. Look for a probiotic containing billions of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Saccharomyces and Bifidobacteria. Once taken, you should begin to feel an improvement in your health after one to two weeks. It can be caused by multiple factors including aging, excessive exposure to loud noise, illness, chemicals or physical trauma - or any  combination of these.
A recent study looked at the association between daily intake of the antioxidant vitamins beta-carotene and vitamins C and E and magnesium on hearing thresholds in US adults. This study clearly showed that higher intakes of magnesium along with beta-carotene and vitamin C were associated with better hearing thresholds. For example, a Dutch study reported that folic acid supplements delayed age-related low frequency hearing loss in middle-aged people, suggesting that supplementing with folic acid may help to lessen this type of hearing loss. In such cases, a person typically experiences complete or partial loss of hearing in one or both ears.
Niacin may also help some people with tinnitus, but only if their condition was originally caused by circulation problems.
Even those who consumed small amounts of fish were found to have reduced risks for cancers of the digestive tract.

More commonly, falls can lead to a prolonged period of rehabilitation, diminished function, depression and declining health.
A doctor or specialist can treat BPPV by carefully moving the head and torso to dislodge these particles.
Having an imbalance of these bacteria can cause digestive or intestinal problems that manifest themselves as fatigue, depression, recurring yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or cramps. Many studies suggest that overall health depends largely on the healthy functioning of the digestive system.
Other medications such as heartburn pills can also be harmful to gut flora as they alter the balance of intestinal bacteria.
A supplement such as First Milk Flora is easy to take as a chewable tablet and contains 1.5 million colony forming units per tablet to promote healthy digestion. If not, switch to a different probiotic to find one that aids your particular medical problem or gives a general boost to your feeling of wellbeing. In other words, dietary intake of antioxidants and magnesium is associated with a lower risk of hearing loss. A review of several studies found that consumption of folic acid reduced homocysteine levels by about 25 percent, according to a 2002 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Bad bacteria thrive on sugars and fats from processed foods and these foods should definitely be avoided.
For example, Lactobacillus casei (in the yoghurt drink DanActive) was found to reduce ear infections and gastrointestinal upsets in children. The best probiotics also include a prebiotic which helps the flora survive in the intestine. As the probiotics change the acidic balance of your body, it is important to keep a record of any changes, and to consult a doctor beforehand if you are already taking medications. Cheers to maintaining your path of aging healthy! Others might need to repeat the procedure several times at home to relieve their dizziness.
Studies on Bifidobacterium Infantis (found in the probiotic supplement Align) found it reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

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