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Coclea orecchio: Chiocciola orecchioLa chiocciola e un canale avvolto su se stesso che e contenuto nell'orecchio interno e scavato sotto l'osso temporale ed e essenziale perche l'udito "funzioni" correttamente. L'intera chiocciola in tutto e alta dai tre ai cinque millimetri e solitamente ha un diametro alla base di sette o otto millimetri ed a ogni giro del canale a spirale e parzialmente diviso in due parti, una superiore detta rampa vestibolare e una inferiore, la rampa timpanica e da una sottile lamina ossea a forma di spirale posta all'apice della chiocciola e queste due rampe comunicano attraverso un'apertura imbutiforme detta elicotrema. All'interno del canale spirale osseo, ripieno di perilinfa, che riempie la rampa vestibolare e quella timpanica e contenuto (prevalentemente nella rampa vestibolare), il dotto cocleare o chiocciola membranosa con la suo interno la endolinfa. Questo dotto ha in sezione possiede una forma triangolare la cui base o membrana basilare e costituita da una lamina di tessuto connettivo tesa dal margine libero della lamina spirale ossea fino al contorno del canale spirale osseo, che completa cosi la divisione del canale stesso nelle due rampe, la vestibolare e la timpanica ove su di essa poggia l'organo del corti, ovvero l'organo fondamentale dell'udito, costituito dalle cellule ciliate interne ed esterne dell'epitelio sensoriale acustico, intercalate tra cellule di sostegno e ricoperte dalla membrana tectoria.
Le altre due pareti invece, quella laterale e quella anteriore del dotto cocleare, sono costituite per la prima da un rivestimento epiteliale, lastria vascolare, poggiante su uno strato di tessuto connettivo o ligamento spirale, in continuazione col periostio del canale spirale osseo mentre la seconda detta anche membrana di Reissner e costituita da un sottile rivestimento di cellule epiteliali pavimentose poggianti su un sottile strato di tessuto connettivo. Le vibrazioni della catena di questi piccoli ossi, determinate dalle onde sonore a livello dell'orecchio medio, si trasmettono, in corrispondenza della finestra ovale, ai liquidi dell'orecchio interno, perilinfa ed endolinfa e le conseguenti vibrazioni di questi liquidi determinano a loro volta oscillazioni della membrana basilare per cui le cellule ciliate dell'organo del corti vengono opportunamente compresse o stirate contro la membrana tectoria e questi stimoli danno origine ad impulsi nervosi che, dopo essere stati elaborati lungo le vie acustiche, generano la definitiva le sensazione sonora. Purtroppo la chiocciola puo essere variamente interessata da processi infiammatori detti labirintiti, i piu piu gravi sono quelli degenerativi che possono essere sono identificati ad esempio come la malattia di Meniere e capaci di provocare forme piu o meno gravi di sordita di tipo percettivo.
As the sun sets upon the 2014 30 minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge, we take a look back at the past 28 days. Once they were back on the main road Charlie and Alex found a tavern and decided to wait there for their cab. Charlie and Alex looked up to see an olive-skinned man with his black hair pulled back, wearing an expensive suit approaching them. So the contracts Tomas was working on were just a story for his wife, and for obvious reasons he couldn't tell her the truth.

As they moved to the parking lot, Charlie said "NOW." Alex spun, catching Jorge's ankles and knocking him to the ground.
As they turned to face Sergeant Ricardo, dressed in his uniform so everything would look official and above board, Jorge took his gun back and theirs too. Before they reached the Jeep, their taxi came barreling into the parking lot, throwing gravel and kicking up a cloud of dust.
Having made their way back to what passed for a road in the midst of the jungle-like surroundings, they discovered that indeed the Jeep was gone.
What had started out as a recon of the crash site, turned into a forced march through a jungle filled with hazards, armed with their guns and cell phone with no service. As they trudged along the rutted dirt road, each absorbed in their own thoughts, a couple of brightly colored parrots squawked loudly, startling them. Alex was silent and sensing his concern, Charlie said "Don't fret, this may be your first field case, but I've been around the block a few times. Charlie and Alex were met by the Colombian police, and they weren't looking all that friendly.
Charlie and Alex climbed into the police car and off they went, arriving at the hotel in 20 minutes.
After chowing down on a large plate of empanadas and tamales, they got down to brass tacks. The alarm rings at 6:00 and after a breakfast of fresh fruit and Spanish tortillas, they met the Sergent to drive to the crash site, or at least as far as they could go by jeep.

As they suspected, there was not much left of the plane, but they wanted to look at it with fresh eyes. Between the fire that raged through the wreckage, and the subsequent rain, most of the personal effects of the passengers was destroyed. Some swore in their best Shakespearean English that they would participate in another challenge when Hell freezes over. It had been a long hike and they were ready to slack their thirst so they ordered up a couple pints and settled in to wait.
His mind racing now, the police must be in cahoots with Jorge, and whatever is in that briefcase will incriminate both Jorge and the police, or at least the Sergeant.
They checked in and ordered up some room service so they could get started and lay out a plan for tomorrow. With Alex controlling the shotgun, Charlie promptly relieved Jorge of his gun for the last time.

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