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As I numbly sipped the Earl Grey tea, I stared out the window of the plane at the twinkling lights slowly disappearing from underneath. I had been so jolted by the trauma of watching my mom hanging on for dear life for seven days, holding her hand, humming songs and talking softly to her as she lay immobile on the hospital bed. The jolt of my mother almost dying shocked me so deeply that the gears shifted hard and without warning.
And as I collapsed against the wall, I thrust out my clenched fist to the sky as though I was yelling out to Castle Grayskull, and I said to myself, “From now on, things are going be different.

I was on the plane heading back from Vancouver after my mother had almost died from a severe heart attack. Like that moment when the chain comes off your bicycle and you hear that awful grinding sound for a second and then suddenly you’re in a different gear. I thought about my life and how after four extremely difficult years in a row of friends deserting me, people backstabbing me, jobs falling through, family putting me down, and health problems, this was another way of life saying OH, HEY ELIZA? I hadn’t slept in seven days, I had barely eaten and my ears were ringing from the air pressure.

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