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Tinnitus is experienced by almost everyone for a brief period after exposure to an extremely loud noise (gunfire, a rock concert, being near a fireworks display, proximity to a fire or police siren or some other loud alarm). Only in approximately ten percent of cases does the condition become severe enough to interfere with the patient’s quality of life to the point that medical help and psychotherapy is needed. The same things that may cause hearing loss also cause tinnitus: exposure to loud noise, medications (ototoxic drugs), impactions of earwax, infections of the middle ear, damaged ear drums, and aging. The key to learning to manage the stress caused by tinnitus is to target the part of the brain that is triggering the stress response to it. People who are extremely stressed when they experience their tinnitus tend to view their situation as hopeless, desire nothing more than peace and quiet, resent the condition’s disruption and persistence, and feel persecuted.
That ringing or buzzing in the ear is likely a symptom of hearing loss resulting from excessively loud noises. Some people, unfortunately, are afflicted with a constant sound in their head which has no external origination source.
Just as the damaged auditory system creates the tinnitus response, it the brain’s emotional center, the limbic system, that must be targeted to control the stress response to the tinnitus.

Then they can use relaxation to deal with the physical reaction their limbic impulses signal to reduce the stress of tinnitus.
But tinnitus (the perception of a sound without external stimuli) can also accompany infections, earwax buildups, vertigo, large doses of aspirin, and even a tumor on the acoustic nerve. Clinical observations suggest that simply focusing on unrelated thoughts can reduce activity in the auditory cortex and lessen the perceived loudness. For many of these people, it is a ringing sound, but it may also be experienced as a whistle, chirp, buzz, hum, hiss, roar or even a type of shriek.  Whether the sound comes in one or both ears, seems to come from within the head or from an outside distance, it may be experienced as a steady, constant noise or an intermittent or pulsating one. There is no cure for it, but many times the patient comes to manage it and notice it less over times. The neurons then generate some abnormal activity which produces the illusion of sounds, or the condition of tinnitus.
As such, it follows that it does not have to affect a patient’s quality of life if he or she takes step to manage the condition and avoid paying a lot of attention to the noise.
CBT provides the tools and redirection techniques necessary to make the lifestyle changes and thought pattern changes to positively affect their condition.

This sound, or the condition of experiencing the reception of it in the auditory canal, is known as tinnitus. Such therapy is usually for from two to six months and the results are that the patient’s quality of life does improve.
Experts aren't sure what physiological process creates the noise, only that it chimes in for a number of afflictions. It is commonly understood that the severity of a person’s tinnitus increases with fatigue and stress. It is also documented that trauma and stress actually trigger increases in tinnitus and actually initiate its inception.

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