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The lightheartedness or dizziness is a common disorder that often affects women of all ages. As can be easily guessed therapies for dizziness, which are only a symptom, of course, are very different depending on the causes of the disorder.
The cervical arthritis must be treated with appropriate postural stretching exercises of the neck and heart disease will be evaluated by a specialist, such as high blood pressure, low blood pressure while you can fight with natural remedies.

The causes can be many and very different from each other; we try to investigate at least the most common figure out how to address them. Nutritional deficiencies or low blood sugar are easily bridgeable with feeding or taking supplements, thyroid disease you will face with hormone treatments appropriate after having undergone blood tests indicated in these cases, while the labyrinthitis will be treated with antibiotics if bacterial infection.
In short, since the treatment depends on the cause, if you suffer from frequent dizziness that you do not have to resort to your doctor and try to make a good check up.

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