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Sign-up using the form or call us at 303-858-8288 to take advantage of this exclusive offer. While this may seem like a question with a very straightforward answer, the truth lies in the fact that the human neck is a complicated structure that can hold a variety of innate issues. As with the causes of neck pain, there are actually quite a few symptoms associated with neck pain that can sometimes go unaccounted for.
The treatment of neck pain is a relatively simple process, although the amount of treatments and the recovery time will vary depending on the severity of the injury.
We offer a proven non-invasive, non-drug alternative for your neuropathic pain, no matter its' origin.
Most people find themselves in pain after a small incident (like sleeping at an odd angle or doing a double-take) due to the straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back effect of over stressed muscles pulling bones out of place and pinching nerves.

Helms San Diego specializes in treating neck and back pain, as well as all the related symptoms.
This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function.
Of course, there is always the more direct approach to neck pain, such as a traumatic fall or auto accident, in which case the neck muscles experience a sudden onset of the same symptoms.
Most neck pain can be treated with simple and extremely safe neck Manipulations, Spinal Decompression for herniated discs or degenrative disc disease, coupled with an array of other therapies, such as ,Ice therapy, ultrasound, and electro-muscle stimulation and MLS Laser Therapy. Herniated discs, Degenerative disc disease, Cervical spondylosis are the result of damage to the neck. Our doctors are also well versed in the diagnosis of more serious neck injuries, such as spinal disc bulges and ruptures, bone fractures, and dislocations.

If an injury cannot be safely treated with Chiropractic care or needs a secondary therapy we have a vast network of Orthopedic surgeons, imaging facilities, physical therapists, and pain management specialists for your convenience.
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above please call our office for a free consultation!

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