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Now that we had the diagnosis and had some time to talk about it over dinner, I still was not ready yet to go home.
If you have never experienced live entertainment in the gambling capital of the US, then it is time you think about taking in a couple Las Vegas shows.
Guest Post: The Voice That Transcended Time, Language and Religion – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan! The Day After Mother’s Day: The Debate Over Who Works Harder—Stay-at-Home Moms, Working Moms, or Part-Time Moms? Having covered sight and touch, it’s now time to talk about the important role our hearing plays in our lives. So of course I do my best to keep my life as stress free as possible and get the rest I need. Sound can of course cause a great degree of stress and discomfort, or it can be a tool of healing and pleasurable. This is very handy when it comes to music, however it can be a real pain in the butt in other situations. Although the science of why music can cause such strong emotional reactions in us is far from complete, the proof is evident.
They are then asked to rate a picture of a face from 1 (being very sad) to 7 (being very happy).

Our perception of things actually changes based on the mood of the music we expose ourselves to. Happy, major and up-beat tunes are associated with bright yellows and oranges, while melancholy and moody music tends to evoke dark blues and greys.
People from different parts of the world report very similar reactions to this kind of experiment. The point is that it’s possible to create a musical diet that will enhance your mood and bring your emotional state up. Putting on a good pair of headphone and playing the sound of waves crashing on a beach, or a waterfall in a rain forest can be incredibly soothing and peaceful.
This can be done while you are working on your computer and is great for someone like me who finds music with lyrics impossible to work or read to because I get distracted. You can also do this during a formal meditation or relaxation.Playing the sounds of nature, or other white noise, either through headphones or speakers can be very helpful if you happen to live in a particularly noisy part of a city. Car sounds, people shouting and rushing about, creaking buss brakes and so on can really wear you down. When I’m sitting in the park on a lovely sunny day the last thing I want to do is see what my relatives in another country are having for lunch.
I also let those who have my phone number know that if they need to speak with me urgently, they have to call.

Mobile phones have proliferated and advanced so quickly that we really don’t know the long term effects that they will have on all aspects of our emotional and physical health. Because of my, often annoyingly, sensitive ears any kind of talking is enough to distract me from reading or writing.
In cases where I can’t avoid hearing conversations I will pop on my snazzy ear muffs and bask in the dull hum of sweet silence. Most of the time I won’t need these but I’m glad I have them for when they are required! They’re not the most comfortable things in the world to wear in bed, but you can make it work ConclusionsLife is filled with sound. Some sound is irritating and wears down our nerves, other sounds are soothing and rejuvenating.

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