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Being a pre-teen in the twenty-first century is, in some ways, more difficult than in the past.
For a 12-year-old girl from Deesa, India who has thousands of ants living inside her head, her classmates’ taunts have considerably more bite.Shreya Darji’s problems began last August. After a few days of ringing in her ears, along with redness, her parents took her to the hospital. At first, the physicians removed a few dead ants and figured that was the end of the problem.

But for the family from the state of Gujarat, in western India, the issue was just beginning.Even after the doctors removed the dead ants, Shreya was experiencing around ten live ants per day crawling out of her ears. Nor has he been able to locate any eggs or a queen ant to explain the continued existence of new ants on a daily basis.While doctors remain baffled about where the ants keep coming from, they are equally confused as to how the ants got into Shreya’s ears in the first place.
Authorities checked on the family’s house and determined that it provided excellent living conditions.
Shreya’s parents even sought, unsuccessfully, the help of local witch doctors to cure their daughter’s affliction.

At least the young girl at the center of this story is feeling no pain and suffering no physical effects so far.(source) (image source) Bio Latest Posts Pammy LinI'm a travel writer based in Washington state.

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