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Nose cancer survivor Lim Wai Cheng shares his personal experience in relieving a blocked ear the natural way, without medication. Recently, on two occasions, when I blew my nose after flushing it, the fluid went into my ear even though I did not blow too hard.
I have had this problem of a blocked ear right since the completion of radiation for my nose cancer.
This time, after experiencing the discomfort in my office, I spoke to the company GP who prescribed ear drops and an antihistamine.
I threw the medicines away and, as I knew the cause of the problem, I tried to flush my nose and gargle my throat to get rid of the phlegm. Two days later when I got back to work, I could hear gushes of flowing water when I walked past heavy traffic. Everything seemed so noisy, I could even hear my own heartbeat.
Child Safety and Injury PreventionThis is your chance to get answers to your questions on how to better childproof your home! READJUSTMENT : Maryland Army National Guard and Reserve IAWP National Conference June 2008.
Why We Are Here Educate employers on war experiences, combat and trauma stress, and TBI so you will have a better understanding of what employees may encounter upon their return.
Combat Stress Combat stress is a natural result of the heavy mental and emotional work required when facing danger in tough conditions. Symptoms of Trauma Reactions Most people who are exposed to sudden, dangerous or deadly events will often experience several of the following: Startle reactions to loud noise or movement. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) A blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts function of the brain. TBI Severity May range from mild to severe Mild - a brief change in mental status or consciousness. Michele Lukacik, MA, LMHC, LPC, NCC, CCHT, Veteran Coming Home – Current concerns facing our returning veterans and their families.
Hearing aids may be an effective treatment for someone with tinnitus, especially older patients. The first step a doctor will take in striving to achieve tinnitus relief is earwax removal.
Because a cure for the syndrome is so elusive, a number of sufferers have sought tinnitus relief through the use of herbs and minerals. But when my wax was removed, my ears were treated with hot water injections to soften, then a very very painful removal. What I saw in the container was the black marble sized ear wax, but the wax looked like they were fuzzy. No matter what, my advice is be super careful with anyone trying to remove hardened wax build up. It never occurred to me to visit an ENT specialist as getting an appointment would take 2-3 weeks. Besides, I had no time and extra cash to spare. I consulted my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician and analysed the problem with her. I tried not to get into heavy traffic or crowded areas, which meant I stayed at home and indoors as far as possible. Each individual may react differently to the above experience, and we would like you to exercise discretion. Provide employers with current information regarding the readjustment process of deployed National Guard Soldiers serving in the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Trauma stress is a normal set of reactions to a trauma such as war, sexual trauma, or horrific accident which could be experienced by almost anyone.
Embarrassment Worries about costs Can’t get time off from work Will it affect my career or military standing? If you have ever had seats located too close to the speakers at a rock concert, or happened to be standing too close to a firecracker when it exploded, you have likely noticed a ringing, whistling, or buzzing noise in your ears.
This is because the problem is not a disease in itself, but rather a symptom of some undiagnosed problem that has caused damage to the cells of the inner ear.
For some people, an abundance or hardened, impacted earwax may be the culprit behind the problem. White noise machines might be helpful, as they provide soothing sounds that make sleeping easier.

During this period I have entered the last phases of menopause and have seen an incredible increase in ear wax production. I understand the hairs in the bottom of the ear situation, and was told that wax doesn't get that far down.
We concluded that I should take Chinese herbs to loosen the phlegm that was stuck in my middle ear.
I resumed my weekend exercise in the park after a gap of three to four weeks due to my busy schedule. The article does not represent the views of the NPC Support Group or its members, the National Cancer Centre of Singapore (NCCS) and SingHealth.
Mental health, alcohol screening and referral program for Soldiers and families affected by deployment. Tinnitus can occur due to injury, illness, prolonged exposure to loud noise, the loss of hearing due to age, an adverse reaction to pharmaceuticals, or myriad other factors. If a person exhibits signs of vascular disease, of which tinnitus is often a symptom, medication or surgery may alleviate the problem.
For a percentage of the affected, especially older people, hearing aids or cochlear implants improve hearing to the point that natural noises somewhat override the annoying sounds of tinnitus. Some people have also reported tinnitus relief after acupuncture treatments and hypnosis sessions. What I do know is that the removal of that wax was super painful, and while the muffled sound is gone, the 15k high pitch ringing is still going on. As I stretched my mouth and stuck out my tongue, I could feel the pressure in my left ear ease slightly.
On Sundays, I enjoy sweating out in the park, cook myself a good meal, watch my favourite Japan Hour on Channel News Asia, and then have my blissful afternoon nap.
The author and the agencies mentioned disclaim any liability or responsibility arising from it.The information and content contained within this website belongs to the NPC Support Group and its individual contributors. Foster goodwill and a collaborative environment in the workplace (Soldiers will view employers as being on the same team when they express the desire to help the veteran).
They are considerably older and entrenched in their home and work life and then put into life-threatening situations.
Sometimes it becomes a problem with the passage of time when the feelings or issues related to the trauma are not dealt with. Problems that interfere with a Soldier’s ability to do the things that he or she needs to do in any important area of life (work, home, family, social, spiritual) are the clearest signs that a normal reaction after deployment may be turning into a more serious problem. For the afflicted person, the cause is not nearly as important as the goal of receiving tinnitus relief. Certain drugs can also lead to the maddening, non-stop ringing, and a doctor may advise altering dosages, switching drugs, or stopping the ingestion of a medication completely.
Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are sometimes administered, and while they will not alter the condition itself, their calming effects may assist in relieving tinnitus.
Medical and homeopathic doctors alike recommend cutting back on, or totally avoiding, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and food with a high sugar content. I could not tell which phone was ringing in my office and I had to ask my colleagues to repeat themselves because I could not hear well. No whole or part of the information and content may be copied or re-produced without the written permission of the NPC Support Group. If longer than 6 – 8 weeks, medical professional consultation necessary to obtain effective available treatment. Water in ear canalWater getting into ears can affect babies, toddlers, children, adults or even the old aged people and it often happen after taking a bath or shower especially if you tilted your ear in a way to allow water to get in much easily or by swimming in a lake, river, pool or ocean especially if you swim under water. However, after the 30 minute session, I did not feel particularly relieved of the ringing ear.
Left untreated, trauma reactions are highly predictive of physical illness, disrupted family life, and reduced career performance. The medical professionals will always make a mountain out of a molehill, so keep it simple and do it yourself! Of course, swimmers are likely to suffer from this problem as opposed to those who do not swim regularly.Furthermore, you could have water in one ear or both, it could be there for a day, two, three, four or five days or longer periods if you ignore it. Nature has great healing power and I felt good after spending one-and-a-half hours in the fresh morning air.

Understand resistance to getting help – Soldier may feel ashamed and view counseling as sign of personal weakness. One of the most common cause of swimmer’s ear is ignoring water in ear from swimming pool, ocean, lake or river which might be contaminated with fungi, bacteria or viruses.Furthermore, leaving water in your ears for weeks or months or ignoring some of the conditions that arise from water getting inside your ears can lead to permanent ear damage or permanent hearing impairment among other health risks such as cyst formation, eardrum inflammation, among others. This is perhaps a reason why you should get rid of water in the ear immediately.How to remove water from ear or how to get rid of water in ear remediesYou cannot afford to ignore water in your ears since it is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to inflammation, muffled hearing, ringing or crackling sounds in our ears, and infections on your ear canal especially the swimmer’s ear and other ear infections.
Remember not every method recommended online is safe as it can damage your sensitive and delicate ear structures.
So, what are some of these safe ways and home remedies to get water out of your ear especially from your ear canal?1. How to remove water in ear after swimming immediatelyWhile swimming, water can get into your ears, you do not have to wait until you get home to remove it. Instead, try the various steps or remedies which employ gravity, help in stretching ear canal or pushes eardrum outwards.
Some of these simple steps to remove water stuck in your ears include: Take advantage of gravityGet out of water to minimize more water from getting into your ears.
This should also be done whether you are in bathtub or taking a shower.While your head is titled towards the ear that has water, make side to side movements to help the water flow out of your ear easily.
You can also hop up and down with one foot to help dislodge the water.With the head tilted towards affected ear to almost reaching your shoulder, gently hit the opposite side of your head with your palm. Breathing exercises to remove water from earsFInally, try popping your ears by Valsalva maneuver where you “close the mouth, squeeze the nostrils with your fingers, take a deep breath and blow air out of the nose to regulate air pressure.
Add More Water to EarLie down with the affected ear facing upwards towards the sky, let someone add a few more drops of water (at room temperature to avoid feeling dizzy) and immediately turn to the opposite side. Chewing gum involves temporomandibular joint movement which in turn creates some sort of pressure on the middle ear while the ear canal gets stretched. Use rubbing alcoholThis approach for removing water from ear works since rubbing alcohol is known for drying water moisture. Blow-dry your earWhile at lowest setting and kept about a foot away from your ear, blow dying your ear can vaporize the water in your ear, letting it get out as vapors. Ear drains mixturesIf your eardrum is not perforated or punctured, a few drops of rubbing alcohol and vinegar mixture, salty water solution or garlic and olive mixture will be helpful. Rubbing alcohol and vinegarRubbing alcohol and vinegar is mixed in equal amounts and helps in removing water and in limiting bacterial growth, thereby preventing infections such as swimmer’s ear.ii.
Salt water solutionSalt water solution (a quarter teaspoon of salt mixed added to a glass of warm water) fights infections, gets rids of trapped water and wax.
Garlic and olive oil mixtureGarlic has antibacterial properties while olive oil will give your ears soothing relief (i.e.
Put a few drops of the mixture into your ear, wait for a little while and tilt your head to let the mixture and trapped water out.
Steam Treatment or hot compress Hot ear compress can help get rid of ear in waterAnother simple but effective way get rid of water in your ear is by the use of steam. Put hot water in a big bowl, cover yourself with a towel and inhale the steam slowly for about five to ten minutes before tilting your head towards the affected ear for water to flow out.
Try OTC eardrops water in ear treatmentThere are many alcohol based OTC ear drops that help in removing water from your ears since alcohol evaporates fast.
Put a few drops of these products, wait a little while and tilt your ear to let the ear drops and water to flow out.9. Hydrogen peroxideGoing on with remedies for water in ear, put a few drops of 3% dilute hydrogen peroxide to help soften wax that could trap some water moisture or case the feeling of water in your ears.
Even if you are desperate and feeling so uncomfortable because you have ocean, river or pool water in your ear canal, which you feel could cause infection, be patient.
Visit a doctor for cure or treatment in case of any infection or removal of water from your middle ear. Doing it on your own could harm your delicate middle ear.Water in ear with painOn the issue of water in the ear causing some pain, we have had complains from a number of patients.
Some complain about feeling water in ear and it becomes painful when blowing their nose, others mention jaw pain, among other symptoms.

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